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Kimi ga Nozomu Eien Review

In short, an interactive soap opera. This is a lot better than it might sound.

KimiNozo does in fact deserve most of its fame. All of the characters behave exceedingly human throughout the story, even on what you might initially assume are rather implausible routes. As a result, most branches of the story are exceedingly believable, except possibly the one plot-founding twist you probably already know about. The only thing about this game that does stretch suspension of disbelief in the slightest are the implausibly tight female outfits (and a couple extremely minor characters).

After the very long prologue, most of the game can be divided into rather melancholy slice of life (with copious monologues), some much needed comic relief at protag's part-time job, and then the very well-done dramatic scenes. The balance these three groups maintain is one of the biggest reasons the conflicts feel so real. Most scenes of the third type range from disheartening to potentially tear-jerking, despite the feeling that you might've seen a few of them before.

Although a handful of plot twists can be genuinely surprising, KimiNozo never quite manages to amaze, although it consistently avoids being predictable. There are also a handful of dialogues or monologues that feel a bit pointless or circuitous, and some of the comedy scenes aren't really that funny.

Score: 8.5/10

Polarization: +0.5/-1.5

Despite the fact that any decent human being would be hard pressed to solve the dilemma KimiNozo's protag is faced with, some readers will inevitably see him as indecisive. In a similar vein, you may also feel the game is significantly longer than it needs to be.

Routes/Endings Played: All Mitsuki, Haruka and Akane endings, plus Manami's yandere ending.

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  1. You should have given the plus side of the polarization a +2.5 for it being “likely to have insane fans”. :D

  2. Anyway, I agree where you said the game could be a little shorter. I felt the first chapter dragged on a little too long. Then again, most of the scenes were fairly necessary since they built up the characters or are referenced in the other chapters. First chapter wasn’t bad for slice-of-life though.

    Also, just curious, but how would you rank the paths you have played in terms of greatness?

  3. The routes were so similar in quality that I can’t really compare them meaningfully. If I had strong opinions on relative path ranks I’d have started including them in my other reviews by now.

  4. Please release the patch for KimiNozo soon. ~_~

  5. What patch? The translation that was just completed was for MuvLuv Extra, not KimiNozo.

  6. Go and play Daikuuji’s route. There’s some great moments in there and I think it’s worth the time investment of going down that entire branch.

    Not to mention she’s a great character anyway, although arguably her route still doesn’t do her justice.

  7. @Asceai: How are the other routes? I am really curious if Hotaru’s route is as good as I have heard. (also curious about the “Pure Love” ending for Manami since I have only played the yandere end) Is the third chapter in the LE version any good? (assuming you have played that)

  8. To me she was a stereotypical twin-tail tsundere with some kinda-neat sprites and an odd way of speaking, and that’s it. Definitely inferior to the main heroines. If her route doesn’t do her justice, then it’s not worth it.

  9. @KoiNoDensetsu
    Hotaru route- hmm, decent character and decent route, better than those of the other nurses.
    Minami non-dark route: I didn’t particularly like it, but then again, I didn’t particularly like Minami.
    Chapter 3? You mean, the fandisk stuff? Not really, no! I did read through all of it but found it extremely dull. Can’t believe people actually bought this standalone. KimiNozo without the car crash isn’t really anything much.

    I should have rephrased that. Her route definitely does her justice as a stereotypical twintail tsundere. Her route does not do her justice as the best character in the game. It really should have been longer and more branched off from Mayu’s route.

    It’s not that long a route and it’s worth it for the scene where Ayu tells Mizuki off – I nearly screamed FUCK YEAH during that scene. Waiting for SOMEONE to do it.

  10. @Asceai: About the third chapter, I am referring to the story that was added to the ~Latest Edition~ remake to tie up the loose ends that remained in the original game’s endings.
    If you still don’t know what I mean, this is it:

    And wow, I want to play the Ayu route now… o_o Ayu telling Mitsuki off? I like.

  11. @KoiNoDensetsu
    Ah, yes, you’re right; forgot those were labelled as ‘chapter 3’s- since the fandisc was listed under ‘3’ when you start a new game I thought you were referring to that. Yeah, I played the after stories. They’re pretty awesome.

  12. Thanks for the help, Asceai. :3
    I knew the Haruka after story would be good since I have seen the OVA (while not a masterpiece, I thought the ~Next Season~ was done much better than the TV series), but I was curious about the Mitsuki and Akane after story. While I’m not exactly a fan of Mitsuki, I have seen how her path ends and it was great. Though, I did think it definitely needed more closure since it doesn’t reveal how Haruka is doing past the story book. (Granted, this might not be completely true since I am basing this off of what I have seen from the last few minutes of her ending)
    As for the Akane ending, I have no idea if her path needed closure since I am not going to spoil it until I know enough Japanese to understand everything/it gets translated into English. But considering she is my favorite character, I think I will be happy anyway. ^^

  13. Muv luv alt>Sharnoth>Forest>Saihate no ima>SubaHibi>Kimi

    I see the future!

  14. Do you have plans to translate this vn this year?

  15. I haven’t committed to anything after Harvest festa right now, but KGNE is probably not going to be my next project.

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