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Project #3 Progress Announcement 2

Full patch for MuvLuv Extra released.

You know this link by now:

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  1. Yay, now I can see why you all hate the side routes~

  2. Thanks! What’s the difference between those 2 patches?

  3. This one has the full translation for Extra while the other one only had the two main routes.

  4. No, I think He is wondering about the one that ‘includes a hidden mystery’ and is slightly bigger.

  5. Exactly ^^

  6. Play it and find out (it happens pretty early, won’t take long at all).

  7. Excellent game, can’t wait to play it all.

    Thank for all @ammy staff!

  8. Any chance of getting a Muv-Luv Supplement translation as a side-project after Unlimited? Considering the fandisc is probably very short (only a Sumika after-story and games), it probably wouldn’t take long to translate.

  9. Heh, right after I updated the original announcement to say no fandsics.

    No, nothing other than ML or MLA will happen. The crapload of extra material out there will be left to someone else.

    I have a better side project in mind anyway (not telling).

  10. Ooh, it must be that kono fabled geemu, Kimi ga Nozomu Eien ~Latest Edition~. ^_^ でしょうでしょう

  11. How early is the mystery cg, I’m on October 25? Did I pass it?

  12. It’s on the very first day.

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