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Shirotsume Souwa ~Episode of the Clovers~ Review

This game's biggest strength is the presentation. The LittleWitch engine allows for several manga-like panels and speech bubbles to float all around in various patterns, making for a refreshingly active screen. It's actually so fun to watch I not only didn't care that the game is completely unvoiced, but didn't even notice it for a while. The music is very nice and relaxing, sound effects are well-integrated with all the moving sprites, and the sketchy, watercolor art fits well with the lackadaisical mood.

As some of those compliments implied, this overall style works best on the slice-of-life scenes. This is a good thing, because about two thirds of the game is dominated by slice-of-life. While this content is certainly enjoyable, and the heroines are undeniably adorable, the lack of meaningful plot or character development makes it unimpressive. The actual plot isn't bad either, with adequate foreshadowing, a decent number of twists and a reasonably satisfying conclusion to all subplots. However, it has its flaws, and is also nothing exceptional.

The game is very short, so there's nothing left to say at this point.

Score: 7.5/10

Polarization: (+1.5/-0.5)

If stylistic presentation is important to you, or you aren't bothered by slice-of-life crowding out plot, you'll probably like this more than I did.

Routes/Endings Played: Touka's route

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  1. Had a rather impressive OP too. Fun ride. I felt Quartett! was the stronger of the Littlewitch games though.
    (Littlewitch only released two games. That’s right, only two. Don’t go looking for more. You may find other games that seem to have been mysteriously credited to LittleWitch but trust me on this one)

  2. Then, who are all of this from?

  3. I was already aware they only had two games of note, I still remember hearing about them going bankrupt and everyone reacting with ;_;s. But now I can see why, that’s a very nice style they had going.

    I liked the OP/ED too, got the OST from kyon shortly after writing this review.

  4. Unless you only referred to the art, the only style LittleWitch had that was unique (the Floating Frame Director engine) was thrown out after Quartett! and they just made regular AVGs which just didn’t stand up. Okay, Romanesque and Period were pretty cool in places but they certainly weren’t what I had come to associate with LittleWitch.

  5. That would explain why I’ve never heard of most of those other games. If I want to read another LittleWitch game, I’ll go for Romanesque, but I probably won’t bother any time soon.

  6. Hm, I haven’t heard of this eroge until now. The OP movie looks really good for something so old though.

  7. Hmmm this one is getting translated? Nice!
    This means we’ll have both Littlewitch games of note translated…

    Quartett project –
    Translation is complete…
    “Technical issues keep holding back a release (mainly due to the sound effects in images, etc which need to be edited)”

  8. Somebody wants to translate other games from LittleWitch?

    I have tools for this purpose, unpacker and archiver for all versions RepiPack (FFD archives). I am personally interested in translation of Romanesque, Rondo Leaflet and Seiken no Fairies. But as the fan of Oyari Ashito I will help with any others.

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