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Konata Yori Kanata Made Review

May as well start with the good parts. The writing style is rather nice, providing better description than the average VN and effectively characterizing the protagonist. Everyone else is also well-characterized, by which I mean they're consistent and just complex enough to be interesting. It's almost a certainty that you'll find one of the heroines to be cute. The story even does something clever once in a while.

But that's about it. Most of what happens is rather ordinary, occasionally predictable, and occasionally just random. There are even some cgs feel either unnecessary or underused. Fortunately, a lot of this didn't bother me much since I don't really care about art and I could still enjoy the characters and writing to some degree. Since the plot moved at a perfectly fine pace without dragging on at all, this worked quite well.

Overall, KonaKana has some nice stuff in it, and no fatal flaws, but it's still quite unimpressive.

Score: 7/10

Polarization: (+0.5/-1)

I guess if you like slice of life you'll enjoy it a little more than I did, but given all the little problems with it that didn't quite bother me I think it's more likely you'll dislike it more than I did.

Routes/Endings Played: Kristel's Route

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  1. uuuuu, same score as shuffle, same score as shuffle :(((((((((

  2. I had a feeling you’d be disappointed.

  3. You didn’t even get Kristal’s true ending if you only played through the game once. Always complete all routes!

  4. .. heh, I didn’t even notice that he’d only played one route. In that case the 7/10 makes a little more sense!

  5. I couldn’t really convince myself I was missing anything. It was very obvious Kristal was the canon route and her “true” ending would differ primarily by an h-scene, and even if it had gotten really great right at the ending that wouldn’t have bumped the score up by more than a fraction of a point.

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