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Parfait ~Chocolat Second Brew~ Review

Meido cafes are serious business.

They also make for an incredibly enjoyable mix of slice-of-life and romance. Characterization is extremely consistent, and multi-dimensional, and leans toward certain popular archetypes without ever feeling unrealistic. It's also very nice to see character art that's nowhere near as exaggerated as the usual moeblob designs. Obviously, this should be why you want to play this game.

The plot also manages to avoid all of the all-too-infamous pitfalls of being primarily slice-of-life. There is always something interesting going on, and no scene drags on longer than it should. This is probably helped by the fact that you get a constant stream of choices regarding which characters to interact with on any given day. Once you finish the common route and begin to go down a specific heroine route, this format is replaced with more or less what you'd expect: a romantic subplot focusing on a small portion of the cast and without any further choices. Again the pitfall is avoided; all of these subplots are actually well-written, interesting, plausible for the given heroine, and even have a few genuine surprises.

The only real issue with Parfait is that, at heart, it's an ordinary moege. It is extremely well done, makes no mistakes and has a lot of clever touches, but nothing about it quite manages to be incredible or earth-shattering.

Score: 8.5/10

Polarization: (+1/-1.5) Low to Mild

How much you personally like or dislike moe/slice-of-life/romance is a big factor.

Routes/Endings Played: Asuka, Yui, Ema and Rikako true ends, Yui and Rikako normal ends.

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  1. This is one that I often refer to as the ‘perfect’ eroge. It doesn’t do a single thing wrong and excels in all aspects. But, of course, there’s a limit to how far a restaurant eroge with no additional underlying plot can go. I’m sort of amazed they made another Pia Carrot after this, given that the genre has been pretty thoroughly finished with this game.

  2. Oh my, Ixrec played Parfait before Curio :/ Playing order exists for a reason.

    While it is true that Curio is inferior in every way to Parfait, and the story is not really inter-connected, but playing Parfait first means that the inferior system in Curio will now drive you insane and you will never be able to like the first game.

    Besides missing out on some character references in Parfait, the biggest problem comes when you go for the 2 fan disks, Xross Scramble and Fossette. You won’t know a whole bunch of characters and what the interactions are about, and you will fail the quiz over and over.

    Proper order: Curio -> Parfait -> Aozora -> Fossette -> Duel Savior -> Xross Scramble (and optional Otome Crisis last)

  3. I never got into Curio myself – and I played it before Parfait. And I haven’t played DS at all, so HAH (waiting for a $30 copy to appear on palet because I’m cheap when it comes to things I’m not terribly excited about)

  4. @w3g
    You imply I am not only a game completionist but also a franchise completionist. I am neither, not by a long shot, so I only play the game that has a decent chance of scoring 8 or higher and then only enough routes in it to convince myself I’ve seen what it has to offer (sometimes this is all of them, sometimes not).

  5. Great games are hard to come by, so I consider it a grave sin to not enjoy them to the fullest extend possible, which includes knowing more about the world, context, and related stories. I never think of myself as a completionist, but it just adds quite a bit to the fun.

    But that’s just my own opinion :) Everyone is different.

  6. “Great games are hard to come by”

    A big reason why I’m rather anti-completionist (against doing it myself I mean) is that there are far far more great games out there than I’ll ever have time to play. In fact, that applies to all mediums and all genres for me.

  7. “…far far more great games out there than I’ll ever have time to play…”

    I once thought that way myself, and it was true up to a point. The fact is, truly high quality games similar to baldr sky and muv luv appears at most 2-3 times a year, and if you play only 1 game per 2 weeks, you will go through 10 years supply of top quality games in a year’s time.

    I only hope your time of plenty lasts longer than mine did(~2 years). But it is much better to treasure the great games early on before they run out.

  8. I’ve actually considered that possibility before, so assuming you’re right, I’m pretty sure that my “time of plenty” will be longer simply because I’m spending a lot of time translating that you probably spent reading.

    Once I do “run out”, that simply means I can start spending less time on visual novels in general. Dunno what I’ll replace it with yet, but there are several appealing options.

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