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Project #3 Progress Announcement 3

Partial patch for MuvLuv Unlimited is out.

Apply this patch to MuvLuv to translate all of Extra and most of the first half of Unlimited (end of the Evaluation felt like a good stopping point, but be warned this is right before the mech stuff gets going).

This time, virtually every single image is translated, except for ones used in the untranslated half of Unlimited or ones we just don't feel are worth the trouble. (edit: turns out some images got fucked up, but none that affect the plot so just ignore the occasional garbled blur)

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  1. Awesome. Thanks for the hard work as always.

  2. Fast as always!

    Excellent work.

  3. Now if only I could figure out what I need to install additionally….

    I’m still playing whatever the previous patch was for… Guess I’ll just ask around elsewhere…

  4. Thanks looking forward to the rest already reached the end of translation so far

  5. Awesome awesome awesome awesome.
    I love you guys; however, the stopping point is such an undescribable cocktease.
    Can’t wait for the remaining parts of Unlimited and also Alternative!

  6. The entire game is an undescribable cocktease. : P

  7. thank you for translating this game! :)
    now i can’t wait for Alternative ;)

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