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Project #3 Progress Announcement

The progress is, we're done. All of MuvLuv is in English. Download the patch nao.

And be sure to read the readme and/or forum threads before reporting anything.

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  1. Wow, Great Job. I remember when I first found out about the tl. That was like… February 2nd. It’s only been 6 months. Good job! I can’t wait to read it.

  2. I love you guys, I would have your baby if I had a uterus.

  3. Had been checking this shit relentlessly for the past 3 days.

    Fuck yeah!

  4. You could be heroes, just for eternity.

  5. Is it possible to skip to Extra? All the Sumika beatings depressed me, and once I saw the “Impure Sexual Relations License” I closed the window and haven’t touched it since. I trust your taste if visual novels though, and if you say Alternative is good I’m sure it is, so I would like to keep going.

    Either way, thanks for all your hard work! It’s damned amazing how much you’ve been able to do in such a sort time.

  6. I’m going to assume you meant “skip Extra” or “skip to Unlimited” (for your own sake, please proofread yourself when asking for help) in which case no there is not, at least not without downloading someone else’s save into your Vmreg folder.

    Which I guess you could do if you really wanted to.

  7. LittleWitch game next?

  8. Not that it wasn’t going on already but yes.

  9. Thanks for another masterpiece! You translate fast and with quality, keep up with the good work Amaterasu team!

  10. is there a walkthrough for the game

  11. It’s in the patch.

  12. OMG

    That was fast oui


    Why would anyone hates Sumika, she’s like the funniest character in the game :D

  13. Thank you for the woonderfull work!!

    I can’t wait to fight alongside akane in alternative :3

  14. Thanks for the translation! Awesome job, we Russians love you too!

  15. Was it really needed to insult Muv-Luv in the readme? There’s people who like the game for being part of a great experience, and not just ‘the suck you must suffer through to get to the flashy parts with robots’.

  16. It was meant mostly as a joke, since I usually go out of my way to pick some of the best stuff I’ve ever read (that isn’t already taken), which the original MuvLuv most certainly is not.

  17. I like Muvluv too and am pretty offended by that comment in the readme. Please give me my money back :(

  18. I thought you were there when I put it in.

  19. I too am deeply offended that you insulted the masterpiece that is Muv-Luv Extra. Evidently you are not *intellectual* enough to truly understand the true, deep meanings behind the cooking contests, which are clearly a literary nod to the Last Supper, or Chizuru’s route, which is obviously the author’s beautifully written satire of modern conservatism and clearly references Hemingway in seven different places! And to top it all off, you dare to call it’s exquisite prose ‘generic’! Well, you can forget about that honorary degree here and now!

  20. …wtf…seriously wtf…
    …not sure if i should take those comments seriously or dismiss them as random troll fandom, anyway things like this are subjective, what is a true masterpiece for someone is no more than trash for others, i enjoyed Extra, though i admit it has it´s shortcomings. Personally, i don´t think that Ixrec will kill himself translating it if he though that it was total garbage (even if he indeed found it a bit bland), but anyway that´s beside the point, a thank you is in order:
    Thanks to all of those that contributed to these project in which i have wasted at least a few 50hrs of my life; now seriously, thanks for translating Muv Luv, though indeed bland (just a bit) it was worth my time, thumbs up to a job well done and quite a bit of hope that the sequel won´t make me wait that long,xD

  21. The original “disgruntled fan” probably meant it, the other two are Ammy staff members parodying him.

    Also, you’re welcome, and hope you enjoy Alternative.

  22. Oh well, seems that the one who overdid it was me, i blame 100% late study sessions and caffeine, they numb your judgement and force you to take it out on something, i declare myself: Not Guilty!,xD

  23. So… what about Alternative? no plans for translating that one?

  24. That one was announced with this project, Zero. I HIGHLY doubt Ixrec would put himself through the torture of translating the original if he didn’t plan on continuing from this point.


    Please read the blog more carefully.

    While I’m at it may as well repost, which should (if not already, from now on) also be common knowledge to anyone who cares about the project.

  26. Hey, I can’t find the english patch for MuvLuv on Amaterasu’s website. Can someone please send me a link to the download?

  27. … why even if i search for the patch i can not find it? … Do I need to sing up before trying do download it?

  28. Same here. I’ve been trying to find an english translation patch for MuvLuv but I haven’t been able to locate it yet. The “downloads” section of this site doesn’t seem to have it. Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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