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Kazoku Keikaku Review

So you throw together some random strangers in the same house, each with their own issues and lack of preexisting people to rely on, and see if they can form a cohesive "family" to solve all of their problems.

Which, thanks to a long and thorough setup, is actually very plausible, and almost feels like the obvious move when you get to it. Thus begins a lengthy series of well-written comedy and slice of life scenes.

Good stuff first: the writing, to no one's surprise, is great. Romeo doesn't do quite as well as he did in Cross Channel, but the style is evident, and succeeds at being hilarious or deep whenever it needs to. All of the interaction is believable, characters are strange and interesting, comedy asides are funny, and choices are engaging.

Unfortunately, it isn't nearly as good as it could've been, and for two main reasons. First, the aforementioned lengthy series of comedy/slice-of-life goes on for a very long time without accomplishing anything. Perhaps even a third of the game could be excised while doing insubstantial harm to the rest of it. Second, the characters are not actually that complex, which results in short routes. Though the routes themselves are interesting, even a little surprising and satisfying, there's just not enough there to be considered impressive.

Still, the lion's share of the game is thoroughly enjoyable, and likely interesting enough to pull you through to the end. It just lost its momentum halfway through, which is a real shame.

Score: 7.5/10

Polarization: High (+1/-2.5)

How much you enjoy the game as a whole largely depends on how fatigued you get with the nearly-inconsequential middle of it. And of course, not everyone likes Romeo's kind of humor.

Routes/Endings Played: All

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  1. I never thought that Ixrec would be a troper :S

  2. You obviously have not read many of his other reviews.

  3. Family Project is shit. Prove me wrong.

  4. Define a form of proof superior to the above review.

  5. Due to the immense popularity of the KoiNoDensetsu celebrity, many impostors have been springing up as of recent. Be wary of the impostors that wish they could be KnD-sama!

    How to spot a bootleg KnD:

    -They post in an impolite tone.
    -They try to stop Love and Justice from spreading around the world.
    -They use silly bootleg titles
    -They are against KimiNozo. This means they are an ANTI-yandere! They’re yandere-ness isn’t even moe!!

    Anyway, not surprised with the score. Even through the terrible translation, I could see that KK was probably overrated. Still seemed pretty good, just not amazing.

    (BTW, you should edit your review section to include “*** – has an Engrish translation” There IS a difference!)

  6. But that’s not a KoiNoDensetsu at all. It’s Konoidensetsu. Huge difference there.

  7. Crap game honestly. Fucking irritating protagonist too: “I WONDER WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW, LET’S JUST ASK THE READER: [choice popup]. HAHAHA LOL I CAN’T DO THAT, I JUST DO WHATEVER I PLEASE INSTEAD.” so funny XDXDXD.
    Wakamoto’s character grew terribly boring and repetitive an hour in, Aoba’s bloody terrible (I wish there’d have been an option to murder her in her sleep), the loli is also bloody terrible “GOMEN GOMEN GOMEN, I’M REALLY HOUNTONI GOMEN” [then goes and reapeats whatever she apologized for yet again] facepalm inducing heroine. And the others are so forgettable I don’t even remember them. The only good character was a bisexual manager and he’s got like the least amount of screentime.
    Really disappointing game in my opinion.

  8. Hmm, well I’ve got really mixed feelings about this game because while I liked the characters overall the middle dragged on way to long. I actually had to put the game down for an extended period of time and then come back to it. However, I liked the game’s endings (though the chinese girl’s felt forced and a little strange). Mutsumi was also really annoying for me. She was funny for a little while but her raw helplessness on an archetype that I felt didn’t support it that well was painful.

    I liked the random choices where he didn’t actually do it because it was something that could be thought of but wouldn’t be acted on which added to his realism. Unfortunately he complained too much until the end where he started to get awesome.

    Aoba ended up being one of my favorite characters, along with one of my favorite tsundere in general but she had the bonus of me skipping most of the common route which I had already played and her character route was pretty good.

    But I can’t help but compare this to Yume Miru which was in my opinion just flat out better.

  9. Haters gonna hate. I’m looking at you, izmosmonlar.

  10. Random strangers forced into a family, chunk of random slice-of-life followed by short and essentially pointless plot, apologising loli, chinese girl (well,girl who often ends up in a qipao), etc. Sure getting Kyouran Kazoku Nikki vibes.

  11. 7.5? Gah, how heartless and unfeeling of you

  12. My opinion, worthless and 3 years late as it is, having only just got around to playing this one.
    I enjoyed most of the character routes and endings, even if several weren’t exactly surprising on unpredicable, but MY GOD IT WAS HARD WORK GETTING THERE.

    I totally see what people mean about the common route. It was fun at first but it was WAY too long and honestly just felt endless. It takes so long before you actually go into a character route so you end up spending HOURS faffing about on nothingness. Forget a third, chop that shit in half and you’d have something reasonable.

    Anyway, after slogging through the common route the rest was decent and enjoyable. Certainly not Romeo’s finest work by a long shot though.

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