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Tapestry -you will meet yourself-

Two words: "simple pleasures."

So here we have another of your typical moege. This one, thankfully, is consistently pleasant and fun. The characters are nothing new, but they're all consistent and fun, sometimes even hilarious. There are also a lot of sprites/facial expressions which border on memorable, and they even manage to be surprisingly interesting during their routes after the drama beings. As long as you're not after depth/complexity/originality in the common route, there's absolutely no reason not to enjoy all of it. Character routes manage to add a respectable amount of all three on top of that.

The big flaw, to no one's surprise, is predictability. Pretty much everything (except some of the routes) comes straight out of the tome of school life cliches or the dying protagonist addendum to said tome, and thus can be seen coming miles away. As for character routes after the drama begins: despite being interesting, they seem to be primarily driven by some rather bad decisions on both sides, which at times stretch suspension of disbelief.

So, although there's absolutely nothing in here to impress you or defy your expectations, you should be perfectly fine with that.

Score: 7/10

Polarization: Low (+/-1)

Unlike Shuffle!, Tapestry does not revel in the extremes of the genre cliches, but rather plays everything safe and straight.

Routes/Endings Played: Hikari and Harumi

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  1. Kusog-

    Wait, wrong game. I approve of cute girls.

  2. Too bad there weren’t any in it.

  3. Coming next, Ixrec’s exclusive Mizuiro review. (Routes played: Kiyoka and Asami)

  4. You should add Hoshizora Planet to your Romeo marathon. It’s fairly famous and I’m a little curious about it.

  5. I wish this was in english

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