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MOON。 Review

Although not by any means a landmark in its genre, I always liked MOON's mindscrew because it took an original idea and made it work extremely well, producing something I'll probably never see anywhere else.

The idea I'm referring to is having the mindscrew revolve primarily around the sex scenes. I usually use the word "psychosexual" for discussing this content, since the game does quite literally explore the heroine's entire traumatic sexual history for plot-related reasons. Most of the psychosexual scenes fascinated and/or disgusted me greatly, and even the latter attribute felt entirely appropriate if not a net positive for drawing me into the issues raised.

As for the plot that allows this to happen, it's nothing all that original, although its told perfectly fine and has the interesting tendency to leave most of the major questions wide open even by the end. This felt consistent and intentional to me, so it turned into a positive by helping one focus on the psychological stuff instead of the plot.

The characters serve their roles as damsels in distress perfectly well, although otherwise they're all perfectly flat. Still, as victims both of the main plot and their respective backstories, they're very capable of jerking tears.

Score: 8/10

Polarization: Extreme (-4)

In the worst case scenario, you will find the characters to be entirely one-dimensional, the plot bordering on an afterthought, the unique navigation system to be clunky rather than neat, several of the tragedy and sex scenes to be forced or overdone, and the climax to be more of a "lolwut" than an "omfg".

Routes/Endings Played: All

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