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Project #3.2 Progress Announcement

It's .2 since ML and MLA are separate games and only the same "project" by technicality.

Today marks the second day I translated a full (actually slightly over!) 20 kilobytes of MuvLuv Alternative, so it's now safe to officially say the project is well underway.

Enjoy this teaser pic:

Also, image editing is already in progress, so expect to see a lot of that in English even for partials. To prevent future complaints/confusion now: we only have access to maybe half of the texted images. The ones we do not have access to are most often little minimaps and battle plans appearing inside mech HUDs. However, we do have all of the minimaps and battle plans appearing in slideshows, which I am very grateful for.

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  1. Good luck!

    Looking forward to it.

    How much progress has been made on the ‘side-project’? Haven’t seen much mention on the forums besides the successful English insertion examples.

  2. The shit is going down!

    We appreciate all the time and energy you are putting into this project.

  3. Cool! Good-luck-looking-forward-to-it comment here.

  4. Shirotsume slowed waaaaaay down due to demotivation and irl issues for love aristocrat. It’s started to revive recently but we’re still only at around 1.6 chapters.

  5. It’d roughly be 16% without taking in account the size of each script, right?

  6. I did a rough kb size check and it looks closer to 13%, but I guess you’re not too far off.

  7. oh god yes!

  8. Now people can finally play the only good eroge.

  9. Is the human brains a main heroine?

  10. @Koi: Wikipedia is your friend (or enemy)

    Also, hooray, I get to play the 9/10 I’ve been waiting for. Also, I hope Shirotsume project gets a little more luck >.<;.


  11. So you can’t have H-scenes with the brain itself? ;____;

  12. …why would you want that?

  13. Because its hot
    I believe the brain even has a maid outfit.

  14. You did amazing job translating ML, so I’m really looking forward to this one. Hope to get some answers about Alternative IV and Kasumi as well as TSF battles with the real enemy. Good luck and thanks for your hard work!

  15. You’ll get almost none of that in the first partial, and all of it and more in the second. Enjoy the wait~

  16. I will wait anxiously for the day it’s released.

  17. Great news. I’m looking forward to the release. Thanks a lot for all your work!

  18. Well, the prologue was in engrish audio.

    Nothing new ;_;

    Thanks for the work!

  19. My translation of that scene differs heavily from the Engrish dialogue, since I’d like my translation to actually make sense.

    Would you like a screenshot of some other early scene I might have finished by now? (lol)

  20. I don’t check this blog often :o

    A: Nope, don’t wanna be teased.

    Again, keep up the good work :p

  21. Hey could you guys stick a link to your homepage somewhere on the front of your blog? I can’t find one and want to access your forums

  22. I asked nagato about it once and he didn’t feel like it. In any event, you could just as easily get to the homepage by deleting most of the url (up to and including “blog”), so it’s not a big deal.

    The forums specifically are at by the way.


  24. Will scenes with no text like the end of unlimeted have english subs or will it only be in the read me. keep up the good work

  25. I’m not sure how people still don’t know this but once again: It is impossible to get actual subtitles inside the game itself. rUGP is rUGP, nothing that fancy is ever going to happen. But as a consolation for the people who despise reading .txt files in the modern era (and who feel the need to write entire essays about it in our forums) our staff plans to use a video capture program, attach subtitles to the resulting file, and upload it to youtube. A link to it will then be placed in the .txt file included in the patch itself (which we might even get to auto-open when you reach the scene in question).

    That’s enough details for now. The most important voice-only scene is in the first arc, so we’ll see how it all goes relatively soon.

  26. how many of the textles scenes are in the game and is the end of the game one of those scenes

  27. No exact count has been made since it’s subjective what really counts. However, the lengthy speech at the end of the coup d’etat arc is the only *huge* one that we’re definitely going to try and make a subbed video of. There is no endgame speech this time, though if memory serves the end does do one of those fade-out things where the last few lines are voice-only throwaways. Most of the “subjective” stuff would be random background voices that are also basically throwaways.

  28. Posting VNs on Youtube isn’t a very good idea. I’m pretty sure some twisted mind will report it to âge, and with all the C&D shit going on, that might happen to you guys. I also know a couple of people who posted translated playthroughs for VNs like Little Busters who got their videos taken down and accounts banned.

    Don’t risk doing this for a small group of people unwilling to read .txt files

  29. Did this whole voice-only speech issue just get even *more* controversial?

    I have to apologize for being completely unable to care right now. One of my editors will give a real comment later.

  30. Anon, though I agree with you on the point that some random nutcase could report the videos to âge and that there could be a huge stink, C&D, etc. There are a few factors that you did not consider. First, all we have released so far is one subbed OP. Linked in the details for that video are other subbed OPs for âge’s other games. The fact that they are still up should tell you something. As well as all the other countless MuvLuv videos which are currently on youtube. The second factor that you need to consider is that the subbed voice-only sections of the game will only be uploaded when the translation is finished, or at the very least, very close to that date. If anything, it would be too late for the C&D at that point, and the tl would be released regardless of one. Finally, given the state of âge’s business right now, it is unpredictable what they would do, if anything at all. Who knows, maybe they may even embrace the idea of having an English fanbase. If you really look into the history of their business and how they’ve conducted it in the past and present, this may not be far from truth.

  31. I dunno, I read somewhere that posting playthroughs of VNs is akin to piracy in Japan and illegal. I’m just worried that these videos will get taken down because of that or maybe something even worse.

  32. Yeah, I’ve heard the same and I honestly can’t blame them. Since most VNs are pretty linear, just watching a vid of it being played and reading it yourself is basically getting the milk for free. Don’t worry though, we’ll deal with it and we promise you that the tl will be out no matter what. Even if we have to pull an NNL.

  33. *wonders why the zillion or so VN playthroughs on NicoNico Douga haven’t been taken down*

  34. I bet they leave out the ero in those, therefore making people need to buy the game to see it. It’s all just a marketing ploy.

  35. @Ixred

    Hey, hey, I’m just warning you cause I’m worried about you guys (at least until you finish translating KGNE :) ). If i came off as threatening or rude in any way, I’m sorry and I didn’t mean it.

    Oh yea, here’s the article I’m talking about.

  36. FYI: never take sankaku too seriously

    And no you did not come off that way, I just happen to be sick of talking about the issue.

  37. Projects page states:

    October 26th, 2010: Patch 1 translation complete!

    I thought that the division of the translation into 3 patches meant that there’re going to be 3 releases. Now that the 1st patch is done and I see no download link around, does that mean that you’ll release full patch only?

  38. Apparently no one knows that finishing the translation and finishing the patch are two completely different things. There has always been a delay between the two, and this time is no exception. If anything the delay will be larger this time.

  39. I see, thanks for the clarification. It’s just that “Patch 1: Complete” can look a bit misleading for those not having been followed Amaterasu long enough, such as myself. Having something clearly indicating that it’s not exactly ready instead (“Patch 1: Complete, beta-testing in progress”, for example) would’ve been better IMHO.
    Take your time and happy Halloween, if that’s applicable to your country.

  40. True, if I was making the project page I would’ve said “Arc 1” not “Patch 1,” then put a disclaimer or something like that just in case.

    And yes Halloween is celebrated in America, though I have outgrown it but thanks anyway.

  41. Hi guys, I just wanted to say good luck with the translation and I’m looking forward to playing Alternative. Also, thank you for bringing the Muv-Luv series to the non-japanase speaking. Keep up the good work.

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