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Ludesia Spidering with Scraping Review

The most gratuitous shonen action I've read in a long time. And guess what? That's a very good thing.

The fight scenes are consistently enjoyable, with cleverly justified and moderately original superpowers for everyone, good variety in adversaries and the heroes' tactics, no unnecessary elongation, several instances of general badassery, and of course good use of music/sounds/event cgs/directing. Obviously, this is what you'll be reading Ludesia for. At the same time, many common shonen tropes are used shamelessly, so it fails to be much more than a well-made guilty pleasure. Not that you'll mind or anything.

As for plot and character and all that other stuff, it's all perfectly respectable, but the quality has a huge kink in it. Basically: the prologue is pure win, but right after the main plot starts suddenly everything is mediocre, but then all of it very steadily improves until by the end of the game it's even better than when it started. Everything seems to follow this pattern: the plot is at first generic and predictable, but by the end things have gotten quite complicated and there've been several clever twists; the brief comedy asides are irritating at first but eventually succeed in making me laugh out loud every so often; and finally the side characters feel completely pointless when introduced but sooner or later they all do something cool if not directly influence the plot.

Everything else worth saying is quite minor and something I ceased caring about at all around the halfway point. This includes some pluses like the writing style being clever, and some minuses like plot holes.

Score: 8/10

Polarization: Low (+1/-1.5)

Mostly depends on how much you personally like shonen.

Routes/Endings Played: Linear

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  1. Another thing I was interested in playing sometime. I’m actually a little more interested in Shinji Sougeki Carnivale, but the few comments I’ve read point to this one being better.

  2. Not want.

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