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Planetarian ~Chiisana Hoshi no Yume~ Review

A short nakige from Key. For many of you, that's already more than enough to decide whether or not to read this.

The story is really short, really simple, and it can be really sad. The two characters (yes, only two) aren't that complicated, but they are perfectly believable and interesting, which is all you really need for something this short. The setting/atmosphere is kinda familiar but also very well-presented.

The main problem, aside from the inherent limitations of being short and simple, is predictability. However, this is exactly the sort of story in which some people won't mind that at all, while others will find it largely unengaging. This is all the more true because the game tries very hard to make you cry at the end. I feel it did this quite well, and that if you let yourself feel sad for the characters at all, it's virtually impossible not to cry a little. Still, if you never felt much of anything for them to begin with, it could be rather heavy-handed.

Score: 8/10

Polarization: High (-2)

Pretty much gave the reason already, but I say "high" because I can't really imagine anyone falling in the middle of this range. Either you feel nothing, or you feel like bawling. One or the other.

Routes/Endings Played: Linear

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  1. Were you one of the Bawlers?

  2. For the record, yes.

  3. Good you liked the novel. This was the first novel I read before entering the visual novel industry. You could say it’s like Narcissu, but I guess Narcissu is better than this.

  4. One of the first vns I ever read. Definitely found it to be a tearjerker.

  5. Are there really any people who can feel nothing at the end of it? Hard to believe for me. I found it very touching and very kind, at the end I had to wipe my eyes to see the text. When someone asks me for a non-H VN, I usually recommend this one first.

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