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Project #3.2 Progress Announcement 2

A partial patch for the Coup d'etat Arc of Muv-Luv Alternative has been released.

Download at the usual place:

Just about every single image we plan on having translated for this arc has already been edited and inserted (and ofc editing and such are caught up as usual) so you may assume what's here is effectively the final product for this portion of the game. Remember that we have no access to images inside mech HUDs, but just about every other image is either tled or deliberately left untled (some of those decisions may be controversial, feel free to comment on it in the forums).

And as usual, make very sure you have the exact version of MLA specified in the readme, are using real Japanese local (applocale does not count), and are mounting the image with Daemon Tools, or we cannot guarantee anything will work.

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  1. Image? Daemon tools?

    Obviously, each and every one of us legally purchased it through the proper channels and stuff, right guys?

  2. Roberts-sama is a funny guy. i like Roberts-sama’s humour.

    P.S. Seriously, even if I buy a game, if it requires a cd check I rip it to image and launch it from Alcohol. I’m definitely not having a cd spinning in my drive unless it’s for installing only.

    P.P.S Congrats on the release Ixrec-sama.

  3. Outstanding work Ixrec! 5 years of waiting for this hones the pleasure~

  4. Great job done Amaterasu!

    Ixrec, if it would not be too much trouble, can you please upload archives with scripts from Muv-Luv, MLA and CC? In Japanese, without your translation, of course. I like sometimes reread novels (or most epic parts of them) without installing a game. Anyways, thanks.

  5. Lucky for you I’ve uploaded script archives for most of my past projects before, so I’ll just move them all into one folder aaaand…

    Far from a flawless collection but that should have everything you want. Not uploading the original Japanese for MuvLuv because my tled scripts still have the Japanese lines and dealing with unnumbered scripts would probably be a massive pain in the ass. Though if you really want that I certainly could upload my backups of the raw dumps.

  6. beliar: I’m sure you love Steam too, eh? Haters gonna hate.

  7. Yagami……….-facedesk-

  8. Wait, I remembered that when I installed Alternative b4 my PC died, I didn’t need to keep the CD mounted?

    Does that mean I got the wrong version?

  9. You need to mount it to install it but afterward no you can just click the exe in C:\age\マブラヴオルタネイティヴ.

  10. Thanks, I probably did get the right ver.

  11. You guys are monsters, and I mean that in the absolute most positive way. Can’t wait to buckle down with this one!

  12. just wonderin, will there be a full alternative patch in the end or will we have to run the three patches to fully install the game in english?

  13. Why would we make them separate? lol

  14. My most awaited visual novel translation is progressing with amazingly steady and fast pace, it makes me really happy. As expected of Amaterasu team and Ixrec in particular. Thank you, guys!
    About the images inside mech HUDs: maybe uploading translated screenshot(s) as an extra to the final patch would be a good idea, what do you think?

  15. Your suggestion would involve hundreds if not thousands of screenshots. Not happening.

    Welcome though.

    edit: forgot to mention that almost everything in the mech HUDs (and even the slideshows which we can and did tl) is explained or restated in the actual text so there’s really no loss whatsoever

  16. Uh, sorry, I didn’t know the numbers or I’d never suggested something like that. All the more everything is explained in the text which means no blind choices in battles (if they exist at all). Thanks again for you hard work!

  17. Welcome again.

    Fortunately, no such choices exist, so once again no loss. However, reading the partial patch would’ve made the “numbers” insanely obvious, so do that next time. : P

  18. I’m a type of guy who doesn’t watch anime ongoings. To explain myself I’ll quote a random guy from your forum: “But god do I hate myself now. Why oh why couldn’t I wait for the full patch?! Seriously the wait till the next one is going to kill me….”. XD

  19. wow,thanks for the first patch Coup d’etat….. i already test it…….
    and hope new patch will be out soon…thanks…..

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