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Fate/Stay Night Review

"Epic" neatly sums up this game. Bring a dozen or so highly skilled magicians (some with eons of lineage, some with decades of training, and some with savant-like aptitude) into the same town to duke it out with each other for the most incomprehensible and misunderstood of all ultimate powers using comrades, weapons and spells lifted straight from the annals of worldwide mythology but twisted into something brand new through all the tricks pop culture can throw at it.

As likely as that is to fail (and as often as it probably has), it actually is that epic in F/SN because the plot and characters are wonderfully designed, with all the unexpected twists and secrets and backstories needed to fill up three whole versions of the story, and arguably then some. Nothing feels unbalanced or forced or predictable, and something new always shows up the moment you thought your victory was certain. This is partly thanks to the fact that having three almost completely different retellings of the story allows every character to shine at least once, and for all of the secrets to come out. Especially in the final route, some of the reveals can truly make you feel the weight of the eons behind them.

Of course, that's just when it's at its best. The main flaw with the game is that a number of scenes are stretched out far longer than they really need to be, especially in the beginning. There are also a handful of small things that get repeated enough to become minor objective nuisances (the biggest for me was Shirou insisting he do all the fighting instead of Saber), instead of mere subjective ones. However, the three routes do an amazing job of avoiding any boring or irritating overlap, so whatever problems one does run into are quite managable.

Score: 9/10

Polarization: High (-3)

If you're not into long, thorough discussions about epoch-length backstories and hypothetical eventualities, you may consider up to a third of the game downright bloated, and another third of it overdramatized. And of course, many people find the protagonist's idealism to be more moronic than heroic.

Routes/Endings Played: All Three Routes, only 9 of the 40 bad endings.

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  1. Hmm, I agree with most of what you said.
    Which is your favorite route?
    Plaing through Heaven’s Feel and on 15th day.

  2. As with any game that flawlessly executes multiple sequential plot routes (like F/SN, and almost Baldr Sky Dive 1 too but its last route repeated too much), the last route is always the best, but in ways that are only possible thanks to the previous routes. So yes, Heaven’s Feel is my favorite.

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