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Sono Yokogao wo Mitsumeteshimau ~a profile~ Review

Some of the best innocent-moege-turned-depressing-drama stories I've seen since KimiNozo.

The first half of it (on whichever route) is a bunch of comedy with a weak but steadily growing plot. Thankfully, most of it is actually very funny, to the point where you don't even mind waiting for the story to really get going.

But then it turns out everyone has a dark past or other side to them, at least one of which recently came back to bite everyone. A handful of these reveals are genuinely impressive shocks, and the stories themselves are rather clever, although a lot of the details are easy to figure out.

The part that matters: most of the drama in this game is very well-executed. There's a few things which may stretch belief suspension or drag on a little too long, but you always want to know how the situation will finally get resolved once and for all, and the route heroine is sure to get her fair share of character development. Also, a good portion of this was a refreshing deconstruction of the naive protag (you know, the one who'd never doubt his true friends), which stayed interesting the whole way through.

Probably the biggest reason this isn't getting as high a score as it might sound is the overall simplicity of it. There's certainly enough detail in the story and multi-dimensionality in the characters to fill three routes, but not a lot more. After a certain point in the game, you can start to see almost everything coming in advance. Fortunately, that doesn't stop what is there from being engaging.

Score: 8/10

Polarization: Low (-1)

Routes/Endings Played: All three routes, one of the alternate endings.

P.S.: Kaine should've had a route too.

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  1. Sounds interesting, nice review.

    So what are you gonna play next? are you going to finish your short game marathon or do Sona-nyl first?

  2. Sona-Nyl. Absolutely no question.

  3. Guess I should have known

  4. Thats Ixrec for you~ I have great expectations for Sona-Nyl

  5. I love this game. Definetly, one of my favourite. Looseboy is really an awesome script writer, look forward to the upcoming 太陽の子.

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