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Dra+Koi Review

What the hell was that.

The pacing was faster than anything I've ever read in my life. The first half of the plot never takes itself seriously. The writing can't decide (in a good way) whether it's being deep or silly or stylish or gratuitous. The lion's share of the soundtrack has vocals. And there's no dearth of sprites, cgs or movement thereof despite the game's brevity. So, I found the overall experience quite overwhelming at first. And then it ended before I could stop being overwhelmed.

For the most part, I enjoyed that sensation a lot, but it would definitely have benefited from slowing down just a little (maybe having less sex to cram in would've made that easier?). In the second half where the plot suddenly matters, it does indeed slow down and successfully makes me care. While the game is far too short to do anything truly exceptional, what story was there was unique, interesting, and well-written, despite the obvious ending.

Score: 8.5/10

Polarization: (+0.5/-1)

Short game means very little content to be polarized by, though the abnormality of the content may slightly deter some.

Routes/Endings Played: Linear, All Three Bad Endings

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  1. A very short review for a very short game XD You finished really fast so I’d say it’s around… 5 hours?

  2. Sounds about right. Maybe a little less.

  3. Probably closer to 2 hours if you read at native speed, or so EGS leads me to believe anyway.

    Also man I loved the ending haha. Like okay I guess it’s obvious but it just works so well you know?

  4. “native speed” varies pretty wildly. I’ve been told I’m slow at reading in English by some people and fast by others. Mostly slow. And then people are amazed at how well I remember my favorite stories.

    And yeah the ending was nice, didn’t count against it at all. I guess what I meant was if the story had done something truly surprising at a place like that then it might’ve made a 9.

  5. So, Ixrec, what are you going to read next? And are you going to finish MLA’s second partial patch first or you’re going to start reading right away?

  6. Ixrec usually does a combination of both so that he doesn’t get bored, which makes sense.

  7. well nice detailed short review of the game. never played the game but short games are interesting for me so i will give this game a try.

  8. Where did you get the game? I’ve been looking all over for it! I’m only interested in it because it has a dragon for it’s lead character.

  9. @thedragonchild

    It’s included in ‘SABBAT NABE’. Try searching for that.

  10. Dra+Koi is deceptively deep.

    I really enjoyed and appreciated its ruminations on metafiction.

    Honestly, it’s less a story itself, and more a story about stories. It’s about how stories/tales/romances influence our norms and ways of thinking. Stories portray certain things are inevitable when they are very much avoidable. It seems that the true tragedy is in the irony – thinking something inevitable makes the hero act out his “role”, producing a self-fulfilling prophecy and confirming the cliché.

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