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Kana… Okaeri! Review

Another nice short story about a dying girl. Except this one is protag's little sister.

Good news is: the game does succeed at making the incest plausible. This is partly because it tells their whole life's story starting from childhood, and because the characters are believably human. Said complexity also ensures the slice-of-life is just as fun to read as the drama.

Most of the problems come from predictability: of course she'll get bullied in her youth, some love rival/classmate will try to protect her, the other heroine will notice the relationship someday, the ending is her death (except when it isn't). Early on there's also a mild tendency to rely on stupidity to create an extra scene or two.

Fortunately, all of that gets less and less egregious later on. The endings (which are different enough it's worth reading them all) even manage to be entirely devoid of melodrama, so it's easy to empathize with the protagonist when it really matters.

Score: 7.5/10

Polarization: (+1/-1)

As usual, depends on how moved you are by soap opera disease.

Routes/Endings Played: All six.

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  1. I didn’t like Kana Okaeri, but this comes largely from playing it after Kana Imouto. I thought most of the ‘improvements’ made the game worse. I didn’t like the new art style– it changed the characters’ personalities in fundamental ways to me, I hated the H scene animations– putting animated H scenes in a game like this where the ero is such a tiny portion and was largely used to complement the storytelling just felt completely off and inappropriate. The voice acting was okay, and that was it.

  2. In most games I find H-scenes completely unnecessary no matter how much or how little effort is put into them, so although I agree they were a very bad idea it just doesn’t matter. And since some of the old art was actually slightly hard for me to look at (making it the only game since Kusarihime where I genuinely felt some art was awful) but Okaeri’s was fine, I’m going to have to disagree on that.

    As long as the text was identical, it’s fine.

  3. Only 2 comments, and one of them is Ixrec D:

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