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Project #4 Announcement

Good news! age didn't mind the leak at all, but in order to make up for lost sales on MLA they've asked us to do another of their games!

And so we are pleased to announce that Amaterasu Translations has partnered with JAST to begin the process of bringing you the insanely popular title "Rumbling Hearts."

This time we actually have some interesting details to mention.

1) In order to make the game appropriate for an American audience, certain scenes will be modified. Such alterations are normally a cause for concern, and this concern is justified, but we assure you the changes will not harm the product but rather enhance your enjoyment thereof. Some examples are offered in the sneak preview below.

2) Certain names will be altered in the initial release. It has already been confirmed that Takayuki Narumi will be called Theodore Nelson, Mitsuki Hayase will be Melissa Harding, Haruka Suzumiya will be Henrietta Sterling, and Akane Suzumiya will be Anna Sterling. If there are over 9000 preorders, we may also create a separate weeaboo version which keeps the names (along with words such as 'suki' and 'desu') romanized instead of localized.

3) Certain voices will be rerecorded in English. The quality of the voice acting will be superior to that of the anime dub. Also, the aforementioned weeaboo version would use the original Japanese voices instead of these new ones. Confirmed voice actors include Kevin M. Connolly as Theodore Nelson, Colleen Clinkenbeard as Melissa Harding, Carrie Savage as Henrietta Sterling, and Leah Clark as Anna Sterling.

Look forward to it sometime this fall.

Sample image edits:

As you can see, the insertion of ice cream has made these scenes much less offensive. And it's barely even noticable.

Full size:

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  1. …. lol really?!?!?! i feel like im being trolled on april 1st, and oh yeah….

  2. April’s First. lol

  3. Poor Knd :c

  4. Worst April Fool’s ever. GTFO.

  5. And let the stupid April Fools bullshit begin….

  6. Hopefully, age would be pleased with the number of purchases to release the Japanese version after. Things have started to get interesting from here on out ^^

  7. I would say one of the best April jokes this year.
    “Y-your cone…” should become a meme.

  8. Hmm, I’d personally prefer something more SHOCK HORROR-like, for example, investigators finding out that the leaker was framed by Ixrec himself and him being expelled along with cancellation of all announced projects. I’d laugh my ass off before committing suicide.
    Thanks for the effort, it was fun to read, though it’s too USA-centered for my tastes.

  9. Second best april fools EVER. Best was gamestation’s deal with the devil.

    Present enter to Ixrec.

    Ixrec .v

    1. To become an awesome translator who no longer lives within the realm of so called humans or mono-glots
    2. To create an anagram of one’s name and then add the letter X within said name.


  11. This joke is a bit bitter. I’d really love to see KimiNozo translated…

  12. lol love that ice cream

  13. Okay, I will admit that this was hilarious…

  14. LOL! Offensive! how could an ice cream be offensive?
    It gives off a fetish overload!

    anyways now that the leaks been dealt with have they finally made any plans on how and when you guys can finally release the official patch?

    and if it still no can some one please tell me why does the leak patch doesn’t work on my MVA version cause I was really excited and all just to find out that it was still in japanese right after the cop de ta arc, I already installed the leaked patch but it doesn’t work, why?

  15. OH! and can someone please shed some light on the Muv Luv Altered fable translation please.

  16. Everything you asked is unanswerable and you really should know why by now.

  17. Not Really, I’m just too dense.
    I Scream!, You Scream!, We all! Scream! For Ice Cream!
    I just hope ******’s Death doesn’t Shock Me!

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