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Muv-Luv Review

This refers only to the standalone game titled "Muv-Luv," broken into the two parts "Extra" and "Unlimited." If you wanted my Muv-Luv Alternative review, try here.

Muv-Luv Extra is standard harem. That one sentence is basically the core of this review, but there is more to say. There is still a point to reading it because a lot of the humor is great, which is partly due to the characters--despite being basic moe archetypes--being comically exaggerated and executed flawlessly regardless. The production values are also insane (there does in fact seem to be a point to that allegedly "unhackable" engine). Of course, some of the gags are easily predictable and the plot is quite generic. You've seen most of this before.

Muv-Luv Unlimited introduces a new plot. On the off chance you have managed not to be spoiled yet, I won't tell you what it is, but rest assured it is also just as generic as Extra's. To be fair, it is slightly unconventional in some ways, but that's cancelled out by a number of parts being forced. The characters are also all effectively the same.

So basically, Muv-Luv is a chance to see a great presentation of some ordinary moe characters and plotlines, and not much else (except maybe a huge teaser for Alternative).

Score: 7/10

Polarization: Low (+/-1)

In terms of moe, it's nothing revolutionary, so I really can't see anyone liking this more than an 8/10. And despite there being nothing original, there's also nothing done badly, so I can't imagine hating this more than a 6/10.

Routes/Endings Played: Sumika and Meiya routes in Extra, Meiya ending in Unlimited (I've played the other routes since, but if I factored those into this review the score would drop a whole point)

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