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Sekien no Inganock -What a beautiful people- Review

Inganock impressed me throughout with the heavy stylization of its backstory, setting, artwork, characters, creatures, subplots, and even the writing style to a certain degree. All the major characters range from interesting to downright mysterious; none of them feel the least bit flat or archetypal to me. Most of them I still don't feel I fully understood.

The plot is exactly what you would hope for from a fantasy game like this. The mythos is large, detailed, and original, so there is always a lingering interest in learning another few little tidbits on top of whatever big twists or reveals you just read. The "minigame" in each chapter (where you click on characters to hear their inner monologues) also does a great job of fitting in details and clarifications which don't fit into the plot, as well as giving you previews of stuff several chapters ahead.

Now the handful of flaws. Many of the chapters end with an action scene where the protag defeats someone/something, but a number of these scenes are virtually identical, and can make things seem easier for the protag than they should be, although it was still so cool that I never once considered skipping any of it. There are also a number of loose ends left untied at the end, but with all the details the game does provide it's not that hard to come up with an explanation on your own, so none of them hurt continuity.

Score: 9/10

Polarization: Mild (-2)

The flaws I mentioned above may irritate you more than they did me. Also, there are a handful of shounen epic tropes used in this game which you may not like. Most notably, a number of the chapters are self-contained subplots which vary in their relevance to the main plot.

Routes/Endings Played: Linear, All Bad Endings (also read webnovels)

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  1. This comment is a bit late but I had to express my love for Inganock. I have played a lot of visual novels and Inganock had something really unique… It was the only VN so involving that I found reading it amazing even if nothing was happening, just by the existence of the characters I was already in awe.I though Even the copypastas had a meaning and all characters are still in my mind… Thanks for the good translation!

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