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Okay, today we have a serious post.

First a quick obligatory statement on the leak. It was a complete accident, we did not want that to happen, even the guy responsible didn't mean for it to happen, but he has been kicked from the group for the reckless choice that made it possible in the first place. Also be aware that the leaked patch is, unlike a real release from us, very buggy and has no translated images.

Second, the part most of you actually care about. After all the drama surrounding the licensing, the leak, and other past incidents involving this project, we've decided to "go silent" for a short while. What that means is, even though we will be working on stuff, we will not tell anyone outside the group what it is, when it starts or ends, how far we are at any given time, etc. By "a short while" we probably mean a few months, possibly longer, but it will be temporary.

And since we literally mean "silent", that's all there is to say.

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  1. So a group that has a number of loud members and doing shit for attention is going to be silent. Have fun with that

    Also, if you are only releasing shit as official releases, you won’t be missed, because it will be a number of years before it actually means something for us. I’m still waiting on Demonbane and Kara no Shoujo, one is finally being released after nearly 2 years, and the other is who the hell knows. Also I’m guessing that I wouldn’t have been able to touch Alternative a year from now, while members of your group continued to display teaser images everywhere.

  2. Just to correct the objective error: Only one picture was ever actually posted on /jp/ by a staff member, and it was done so in response to a direct request for the picture by another poster. The rest is all anons trolling other anons.

  3. And how could you possibly know that none of the other screenshots were posted by a staff member? Do you have access to the IPs of 4chan posters as well as the IPs of all your staff members? Or did you just ask the staff “was it you” and they were like “no lol” and you took that as proof?

  4. >Do you have access to the IPs of 4chan posters as well as the IPs of all your staff members?

    Actually, yes.

  5. Actually, no.

    And yes I “just asked” them because believe it or not I actually trust those who remain on my staff. It would be impossible to do any future projects if I didn’t.

  6. Why are you so butthurt over screenshots anyway? Did they kill your family?

  7. Have you considerd changing Lazaford to Rutherford?
    Good luck working on the translation, and good luck negotiating with Age.

  8. I don’t think they’ll leave as it is for the lulz

  9. This leak will in fact make the official release of Muv-Luv be postponed or even canceled. Now will it take even loger for me to play a shinny MLA.

    But about “silent” stance, I can’t say I wasn’t expecting it. You guy’s would really like to stay low after all this.

    And finally, what âge said about the leak?

  10. >And finally, what âge said about the leak?

    We don’t know yet. They’ve probably got much worse things to worry about, to be honest.

  11. Thanks for the answer anyway, Sheeta.

    âge has probably worse things to worry about after the last month tragedy.

  12. As the trusted friend of a staff member responsible for the leak, I’d like to formally apologize for my actions. I did not leak the patch with any malicious intent, and I had no idea it would have turned out this way. I regret forcing my good friend to retire from your staff because of this. If I had to do this all over again, I’d probably have leaked it a lot more discreetly, so it wouldn’t have become an issue.

  13. … It’s the INTERNET, you can’t leak anything discreetly.

  14. >If I had to do this all over again, I’d probably have leaked it a lot more discreetly

    ( ´_ゝ`)フーン

  15. That’s not the leaker guys.

    Echoman, stop with your shitty trolling already. It’s not funny.

  16. I was just trying to help…

  17. That’s why I hate not being able to learn japanese in school. Who the hell needs french? Not like I know it anyway. I’ll probably be dead before reading the novels I really enjoy.

    What can I say, I hope you’ll release the translation before I forget about it completely, though I’m not holding my breath (weak memory). Good luck to you all.

  18. Most language classes for any language are kinda crap anyway. And even the good ones you would have to take 3-4 years of before you could read anything interesting.

    But thanks.

  19. i wanna know how to translate VN.
    i want to help for muv luv alternative.
    if i can translate i can help you to make quick release.
    email me if you interested.
    my email : [email protected]
    P.S i don’t know how to translate so teach the basic first

  20. On the off chance this is remotely serious, people can’t be taught to translate. You have to go learn Japanese yourself and when you’re fluent in both languages (English too btw) only then you can start seriously thinking about tling from one to the other.

    Though if you need help learning either language, that I can do.

  21. Hopefully the leak doesn’t cause problems with Age or an official release. I hope it still happens, and is successful. Because maybe then there might be a chance of getting a release of Muv Luv: Altered Fable

  22. Ixrec, did you seriously teach yourself Japanese or did you take it in school?

    I’m thinking of signing up for introductory Japanese next semester in college but I’m not sure if I should invest the time if language classes are as bad as you make them out to be.

  23. @bob: Yes I taught myself.

    MOST language classes are as bad as I make them out to be. The exceptions are in fact good though it takes 3-4 years to get to the point where you can read anything remotely interesting on your own (even with a dictionary), whereas a hyper-motivated self-studier could get that far in as little as 2 years. Assuming your university is good (which you probably know by now), then there’s a good chance you will benefit from taking *a* class. It may turn out that said benefit is only learning that you want to teach yourself the rest, and it may turn out that going through the full series of courses makes you mostly fluent. You’ll just have to see what yours is like.

  24. I’ve never taken a Japanese class, but from experience with other languages, I’d say it does help to at least take that introductory class. Maybe even more so in a language that is as different from English as Japanese is. Though it might just be me, as it seems to be easier for me to learn basic grammatical structure from a professor who knows the language. Once you get down those basics it really isn’t difficult to learn most languages.

  25. @Smurf: Pretty much agree, though I should mention the main reason I hate MOST classes is they don’t actually teach you “basic grammatical structure” but just hand you a bunch of vocab lists and sentence patterns to memorize.

  26. The leak was the best thing that could happen. Now we’re all happy instead of having to deal with your bullshit.

  27. That’s kind of a mean thing to say, anon…

  28. i hope muv luv alternative will get fully translated sooner or later

  29. I finished it over a month ago and it got leaked shortly thereafter. You’ve been living under a rock.

  30. I have discovered this site of yours:
    is it possible that, even if there isn’t a patch for muv luv alternative ready, could there be a summary site just like the one you made for extra and unlimited? thank you :3

  31. Why would you want a summary of MLA? Why not just go find the leaked patch?

  32. Are “a few months” over yet?

  33. We’re getting close.

  34. I’ll just necro back to the Japanese subject…
    @Ixrec-I actually had the opposite problem in the 2 semesters I took in college. We got a pretty good foundation of sentence structure and grammar, but I can only remember about fifty words that I learned from that class, and maybe 30 kanji.

    How long did it take you to teach yourself, how did you do it, and can you recommend any good books/web sites/other things? Also, what’s the best way to learn and memorize kanji?

  35. That sounds pretty damn good for a class actually.

    The thing you need to get into your head is that no sort of formal education can ever give you a decent vocabulary. You absolutely must spend years (plural!) reading stuff in the language on a regular basis in order to become completely fluent (not that you have to go quite that far).

    It sounds like to me like the class was perfectly fine and you simply didn’t do the extracurricular study required to get good at a language (which I doubt is your fault; you probably had no idea you needed to do that).

    If you already know basic grammar then you for the most part you have no need for learning resources (that’s what the majority of them are aimed at, as they probably should be). All you need is a dictionary and a bunch of source material (stuff written in Japanese) to study from. More details in my guide if you need them.

    As for kanji, I say the best method is to stick to stuff with furigana for a while and not bother with them. You have a lot of freedom in terms of how much vocab you build up before studying kanji specifically, unless there are absolutely no furigana’d manga that interest you. When you do study them, again like my guide says, focus on memorizing the traditional radicals and seeing kanji as compositions of them. The rest will depend on how you personally like to learn.

    For me it took 2-3 years to get to the point where I was translating. The methods I used are pretty much exactly what I keep recommending to people here and elsewhere and in the guide.

  36. Guilty. I had a tightly packed schedule that year, so probably the worst time to take a language. Most of the efforts I’ve given since then have been focused on kanji. I’ve probably doubled, maybe tripled my kanji vocab and gotten used to seeing radicals, but sometimes those don’t make sense to me.

    Using a text hooker and the Rikaichan firefox plugin I was able to read MLA Chronicles from Ayu-Mayu Alternative pretty easily. That was kind of cheating with the plugin, though. Most of the stuff I’ve tried to read raw in the past was seinen, so no furigana, and I don’t think I’ve seen any VNs with furigana-vndb actually deleted the tag “since it’s never been used.” Omega no Shikai doesn’t count.

    I guess I’ll go find Naruto or something. Thanks for the advice.

  37. Awesome. And yeah I think everyone who does this the way I do it ends up going for Shonen Jump manga, so can’t argue with that. I used Deathnote and a little Naruto when I was just starting out, and I still remember being proud of figuring out that 死体 meant corpse without having to look it up, just because I recognized the two kanji it was made of.

    So yeah, if your understanding of grammar was so good that you could make sense out of MLA using tools like that, then your class did a great job and you clearly didn’t lose much if anything from putting off the extracurricular reading for a while. Have fun reading more.

    Incidentally, Translation Aggregator is the tool I usually see people using for VN reading assistance, and having messed with both it and rikaichan in the past I would think TA is probably the superior tool for this purpose, so check that out sometime.

    P.S.: On the off chance anyone was seriously considering reading Omega no Shikai to learn Japanese, don’t. You will hurt yourself. Badly.

  38. I used Interactive Text Hooker. TA works, but it’s a pain to set up each time. ITH integrates well with windows and has more options. I know that there’s some plugins or something to make TA run better, but ITH works out of the box, so…

    I barely made sense of Omega no Shikai’s screenshots. I’m staying away, even if it looks like the kind of bizarre post-modern mind-screw thing I’d totally love.
    neko ga nananananana!? What the hell does that even mean? Nothing!

  39. I have never heard of ITH. I will have to investigate when I have more time. Maybe after the Rapture.

  40. Good luck to your translation! Many people are hoping for it in the future! Keep up the good work. I’ve read a few of your previous translations and they were top notch.

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