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Swan Song Review

As a deep, realistic human drama, Swan Song's key selling point is its characterization, and that is absolutely rock solid. Although some members of the cast felt archetypal at first glance, they were all interesting at second glance and many eventually became downright heartwrenching. Each of their characters developed in very natural, but generally unpredictable ways. Even the minor characters introduced later are indisputably deep.

The plot starts with a simple premise which, at first, merely provides a backdrop for character interaction (which isn't a bad thing). But after the first act it quickly throws serious and incredibly challenging conflicts at the main characters, leading to choices you'll want to kill yourself for later, reveals so stunning you'll want to scream at someone, and tragedies which will linger in your memory forever. Some plot developments do feel a bit predictable, but only in the sense that you've been desperately praying they wouldn't happen for the past three scenes (well, not literally, but it sure felt like I had been).

Artwork also matches the story perfectly, in that it shows exactly what it needs to show without beautifying a thing. The writing style is also a perfect fit. Rather than being artistic, it tells everything exactly like it is (exceptions for when a more emotional character is narrating, but of course that just adds more to the scene).

There are some minor flaws. Unsurprisingly, some of the sex scenes are superfluous and best left skipped. And a few pieces of background music annoyed me. But the real reason I can't give this a ten was that the ending was both a little more predictable and a little less conclusive than it should have been. Of course, this doesn't change the fact that it was amazing.

Score: 9.5/10

Polarization: Low to Mild (+/-1.5)

You may find the pacing too slow for your tastes. Also, if you've seen too many disaster stories or character-oriented dramas like this, it may be notably more predictable for you. But that's it.

Routes/Endings Played: Normal End

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  1. 1st thanks 4 the review
    next, reading it makes me wonder how Sekien’s votes can surpass SS
    nevertheless I’ll try to get and play it IF the languages not that difficult and the plot not that confusing

    lastly, my 1st post ‘on’ this blog

  2. I think what happened to Swan Song was that, although it was initially the favorite to win, everyone saw it not win the prelims and shifted their votes to Inganock or Baldr. The next poll isn’t going to give away that kind of info (see the rules post again if you care, I edited it a few weeks back) so hopefully we won’t see that in the future.

    If you were asking about the difficulty of the two VNs, Inganock is a lot harder than average but perfectly manageable if you’re willing to use your dictionary frequently, and Swan Song isn’t that hard at all (except maybe for a handful of the text walls).

    Also, there are probably a lot of people who would prefer Inganock over Swan Song (and vice versa) for subjective reasons my scores don’t indicate.

    Finally welcome. A regular commenter here would be pretty neat.

  3. This could be as high as an 11 for some people? I know what I’m playing after E17.

  4. After reading Swan Song, it left an impression on me. I’ve thought about it a lot after reading it and I could see these events taking place after a world-wide epidemic. It showed me that in times like those it’s best to stay alone and out of sight. Just wow.. What a good visual novel..

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