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Announcement Regarding Projects 3 through 6

We are now done keeping things secret, and that means we have a lot to tell you so be patient and read carefully.

First, a summary of how the official deal has worked out for us. I'm going to leave out a lot of details and emotions to try and keep this reasonable.

We originally asked Mangagamer to talk to age about licensing MuvLuv and MuvLuv Alternative. During my chats with Mangagamer, they also decided they wanted to talk to Liarsoft about licensing Inganock and Sharnoth. Roughly six months passed without any concrete information, during which time our image editor did not work on the MLA images because we had no way of knowing if his work would have been used by age in the final product or not. Near the end of this period, we finished translating MLA, and unfortunately a complete patch of it was leaked. Even closer to the end of it, we declared secrecy (partly to avoid drama as we said before, but also to prevent people from guessing there was a Liarsoft deal in the works when we didn't release a patch for Sharnoth).
About a month after that, we were told that ML/MLA could not be licensed after all, and age had instead offered MG the option of licensing Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (at this time we still had not heard any news regarding the proposed deal with Liarsoft). Needless to say, the combination of this news along with the disappointing results of many other deals in the community left us pessimistic about licensing in general. So after much deliberation we as a group agreed to give up on the deal once we were ready to release a proper MLA patch (with all the images translated). We are finally ready to do that, and more than enough time has passed that we do not feel the need to sit on our completed Sharnoth translation any longer.

The upshot of this for our work as follows:
1) We have finally released a complete MuvLuv Alternative (Project #3) patch. As usual, download it here (though we've tweaked the page a bit). All the images we could translate have now been translated, there are automatically opening text files for the two voice-only speeches (and one voice-only line during a video), and since this is a real patch it should crash far less often than the leak did. Special thanks to [RoXaS] for editing the insanely large number of images (450 in total), including several very messy ones.
2) We have released a complete Shikkoku no Sharnoth (Project #4) patch. Download it here too. We also plan to translate the Sharnoth webnovel at some point.
3) We have already begun unofficially translating A Profile (Project #5). Yes we're doing the remake. As usual, watch our progress here (we've tweaked this page too).
4) After that we will unofficially translate Forest (Project #6).
5) We will never again keep secret what VN we are currently translating, or the existence of an official deal for a VN we're translating. We now know from experience that this is more stress for everyone involved than it's worth.
6) What we will work on after A Profile and Forest has not yet been decided, but we might return to some form of community interaction as a possible means of selection.

The upshot regarding future licensing deals is not so simple of course, since it all depends on what other companies do.
We are still very willing to do official translations in the future. But now we will require some conditions, namely: the company/ies will have to approach us instead of vice versa, we won't start to translate until we're given script files, and we won't tolerate a complete translation being sat on indefinitely. For more detail, see our new official statement on VN licensing deals.
Since this needs explicit confirmation: yes, if Mangagamer can get us scripts for Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, we will translate that. And if Mangagamer or anyone else secures a deal with Liarsoft, we will gladly work on whichever good game(s) they are most interested in releasing.

P.S. We expect someone to question what we mean by "told that ML/MLA could not be licensed after all", especially since one or two things MG has said since then explicitly contradict this (prompting a few group facepalms for us). So here is an actual quote from my logs: "age is unable to give us the rights to MuvLuv".

P.P.S. On an unrelated note, the group has inexplicably shrunk to only two editors and two QCers, so new members are more welcome than ever. Just make sure you actually know English and aren't a total flake.
Edit: We got about 7 volunteers the evening this was posted, and I think any more than 3 new guys at a time would be a bit tricky to manage, so I won't be taking anyone else for the time being. Thanks for offering though. The next time we need more I'll probably message the other 4 guys.
Edit: Make that 8 volunteers and 5 other guys. I missed a few blog comments.

P.P.P.S.: Read jp302's comment below. It's pretty significant.

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  1. Unofficial Shikkoku no Sharnoth Keyword Database

  2. Looking forward to some more good translation work. Shame about the ML/MLA license, but thems the brakes I guess.

  3. “We have already begun unofficially translating A Profile”


  4. Oh god.

    Being lazy and/or giving up was the last thing you guys did. Now I can finally understand Shikkoku no Sharnoth !

    I would love to see MangaGamer get a license for Kimi ga Nozomu Eien.

  5. Goddamn it, Mangagamer. I wanted to place my hopes of an age license with you, but nothing. You got absolutely nothing. You convinced Amaterasu to release one of age’s only and most valuable pieces of IP free, to the internet, because you couldn’t get shit.

    Here’s to another, better company picking up after your failure. I have a feeling that, with this demonstration of a lack of business skills and only some industry connections, Kiminozo is not safe with your mismanaged hands anyway.

  6. For the record, I would like to point out that MG’s inability to license MLA probably has much more to do with agé than it does with MG.

  7. @fuji I was about to say the same but since its by loose boy, looks like I’m anticipating it, even if it’s nowhere near as good as SNK or G Senjou.

  8. Holy… inb4 shitstorms of panderers etc. etc.

    Now I understand why I was finally hearing word of the projects Ammy had been working on, at least.

    I don’t really know what to say, but I feel like I just HAVE to get a word in. I guess Ixrec is interested in making himself publicly relevant again, hence this strongly “populist” doctrine (No secrets, release two patches for highly acclaimed games on the same day plus announce >50% progress on a third patch, no official translations unless they are guaranteed to be released within a reasonable amount of time, etc.).
    But hey, as a plebe, how am I supposed to complain about this so-called populism? I can say “Your translations suck, you should retire and kill yourself,” and I’m sure someone will, but I don’t see the point.
    I’ll leave legitimate criticism (if applicable!) of these moves to the “big shots.” If anyone who’s worked on a fan translation of a VN in the past has anything to say, I’m happy to listen.

    For now I’ll just continue to harbor my various conspiracy theories about Ixrec and his posse.

  9. I don’t want to sound like a greedy son of a bitch jumping in on the very first day we get these news, but any chances of releasing a translated MLA script like you did for Extra/Unlimited? I found the editor’s notes informative and it was quicker for me to look up lines there than to replay through the game and hope I got the routes right, so it would be really nice.

    Even if not, thanks for all the hard work guys, this is one of the best pieces of fiction I’ve ever read/watched, and for what it is worth I would have loved to buy an All-Ages or Standard Edition if it ever got localized.

  10. Sorry to hear you guys got burned. I was hoping for some kind of new revolutionary model with the people with the passion and the knowledge being sponsored by the people with the money and the power. Hopefully we’ll see the end of things like “naturally, I knows the hacker.” I wonder how the same kind of model is working for JAST/Nitro+/TLWiki…

    That said, now that MLA is done, do you think that Alternative Chronicles and all those various fan disks will ever make it to the queue? They’re fairly short, but they’re interesting as well.

  11. Yeah, I’m curious about Forest but wondering what’s special in A Profile.

    I also heard rumors that you were going to translate Rewind. Beside that one, and with Steins;Gate being done, I think the only “major” title still needing translation is Baldr Sky: Dive 2. Which probably requires an as big effort as Muv-Luv series.

    Anyway, great work. You’re like the messiah of VNs.

  12. @JMH: I hadn’t actually considered that. I’ll probably zip up the scripts later tonight and link it in the MuvLuv thread in the forums.
    Edit: Done.

    @Anix: It is entirely possible for us to do other MuvLuv stuff in the future, but we probably aren’t going to want to for quite some time. Also, Nagato may not be willing to make tools for more rUGP games, so it may be technically unfeasible as well.

  13. @Fade: First, it’s called Rewrite. Second I haven’t committed to it yet but merely expressed interest (admittedly it does seem very unlikely anyone else will get to it before I do). Third, I would say there are plenty of major titles such as SubaHibi and Comyu and Saihate which still need translation.

  14. a profile is better than sharin and g-sen

  15. First of all, thanks so much for working on these patches. Is there any possibility of these patches being adapted to the Standard Editions in the future, since these include some extra features not found in the DVD-ROM versions, such as chapter selection, extra Takeru voiced lines and at least one new autoplay sequence for Alternative, and widescreen and surround sound for EX/UL?

  16. The All Ages vs 18+ debate was had a very long time ago before we began the project, because the effort involved in making tools for these games was so great that it simply was not feasible to support multiple editions.

    The conclusion we reached is that every advantage All Ages allegedly has either does not matter at all or is actually a disadvantage (to keep this reasonable I’ll only summarize one point: Takeru’s voice actor does a terrible job, so him being voiced more is in fact not a plus), with the sole exception of chapter selection. On the other hand, the fact that All Ages censors a certain gory but incredibly plot critical scene is a pretty significant loss which more than offsets that minor advantage.

    tl;dr: No.

  17. And you continue to be amazing. Thanks for making these games accessible, and I hope this licensing mess wasn’t too hard on ya personally.

  18. We’re pretty okay now that everything’s finally out there and we can move on.

  19. @Moogy

    Yes, but why? ;)

  20. Yeah, there’s MangaGamer for you.

    Since judging from Twitter, MangaGamer apparently still thinks that their way of doing business is acceptable, I’m going to tell my own story: We on the Katahane team were approached by a representative of theirs last December with the goal of getting Katahane a commercial English release. We asked them confirm that MangaGamer could secure the license before committing to it, which they did, but then explained that higher management had instructed them to put the game ‘on hold.’

    Several months of no further news pertaining to when Katahane’s release might happen, plus the poor quality of the Koihime script and the discovery that several other fan translations that had agreed to work with MangaGamer were being stonewalled in the same way changed our minds about working with them. When I informed MangaGamer of this, the representative was unwilling to explain why the Koihime script was such a mess- which might have swayed me back- and instead appealed to me on moral grounds, then warned me that releasing a patch would be “a giant FUCK YOU to the industry.”

    (In reality, I’m pretty sure the only entity impacted by Katahane piracy is whichever ghoul bought the developer’s corpse when they went bankrupt years ago and is now selling their games on DLSite. I don’t feel obliged to withhold a patch in consideration of them. It probably is unethical to reveal this private communication between us and MangaGamer, but if a public airing of grievances is what it takes to finally convince them this is not the proper way to work with fan translators, that is only for the best for them and everyone else.)

    We aren’t killing the industry, MangaGamer is killing itself. JAST, in contrast, seems to have an inkling of how to maintain the goodwill of their fans and those fan translators they partner with. I hope MangaGamer shapes up, but if they don’t… the industry won’t die, the torch will merely be passed to more deserving publishers.

  21. Thanks a lot for Sharnoth and ML.

  22. Nice releases, sucks for all the licensing bogging down.
    Just out of curiosity, will you do ナイハーゴの灰葬 like you did After the Inganock?

  23. Read the post. It explicitly says we’ll do the webnovel.

  24. Gentlemen, it is with great sorrow that I find myself reporting to you that this thread does not have enough awesome.

    So without further ado… IXREC, YOU ARE EFFING AMAZING. WILL YOU HAVE MY SISTER`S BABIES? *builds an altar to his god*

  25. Glad you guys managed to find some sort of resolution to the licensing issue, even if it was less than satisfactory. Is there any chance of a translation of the Alternative’s various insert songs at some point, like the translations of the theme songs?

  26. I translated Asu e no Houkou at some point but I guess we forgot to put that in the patch.

    Oh wait, duh, I just remembered we made this: That’s why it’s not in the patch.

    As for the other songs, the ED is the same as ML’s OP so that’s effectively done already.

    I might do the inserts at some point if I feel like it but I’ll probably just focus on a profile.

  27. 8 moths after reading Inganock I started to read seriously Sona nyl 4 days ago thinking that no more translations would be done for this series so I’m glad and really surprised you translated Sharnoth, So thank you for your hard work.

  28. Hey, Ixrec. Congrats on the awesome work on MLA and Sharnoth. I was wondering when there’d be another update on MLA.

    Also, I’d like to voice my interest in joining the group as a QC/Editor. I can’t translate Japanese just yet, but I’m confident with my English.

  29. Welcome back, guys!

  30. Welcome back and thanks a bunch for releasing 2 patches simultaneously – I’d say you made my day, but that’s not quite right, as it’s more like a week, or two weeks even. Thanks again, and keep it up!

  31. Oh wow… Thank you for you guys. Thanks to you all finally I can understand Sharnoth, and it makes my day entirely well.

    Thank you very much and please be strong.

  32. I’m interested in QCing. I’ve only just started learning Japanese, so I can’t help out too much with that side of things. I’m pretty good at English, though. Won some small prizes for essays before, etc.

  33. When I finally take a day of from work, Shikkoku no Sharnoth appears magically full translated? Godamn I love you guys so much~

  34. I’m glad to see that you guys are back on track. Can’t say I’m surprised these “official release” talks blew up in your face, however.

  35. @overmage: I have edited the original post as a reply.

  36. i dotn mean to butt in, but the patch installation doesnt work for me for some reason.. i keep getting the error message that he cant install any data when it comes to the installation itself.. it wa sso long since i installed the patch for sekien no inganock, was there soemthing special i needed to do to make your patches work properly? do i jave to uninstall the actual game or..?

  37. @Break: You’re going to need to be a hell of a lot more precise than that to get help. Also make sure you can run the game without the patch since most people who have problems with our patches at all simply aren’t using Japanese locale or Daemon tools lik ethey should be.

  38. @Break: Sounds like a possible permission problem (maybe Vista/7 UAC acting up). If so, try right-clicking the patch and “Run as Administrator” or installing the patch under an account with admin privileges.

  39. And here I thought Amaterasu was dying. Well, waiting for Forest to be translated, and it would be great if we returned to those days where people came to vote and comment and blablabla. Well, at least it was fun, especially when that guy of the French girl shitty thing or something was around xD

  40. Oh, wait… Didn’t you say that there was someone willing to translate Rewrite before? And in addition, you said he liked reading Umineko (at that moment, I thought it was about WH, but nah). Did they drop out or something?

  41. I’m not really sure who you’re referring to but both WitchHunt and LoSs had expressed interest in Rewrite at one point. However LoSs has since decided he hates the game (making his attempt to translate the partial look really silly). As for WitchHunt, they probably only said that because Ryukishi was involved, and Rewrite is obviously nothing like Umineko so I seriously doubt they’d go for it.

    So it’s probably a matter of when I feel like doing it, just like most of the other games people ask me for.

  42. Well, you told me, so it’s probably LoSs you were talking about back then. Anyway, no translation for Rewrite… I’m sad D:

  43. Bravo. This is the attitude in the VN fan translating business. I applaud Amaterasu for his lighting fast translations and how committed he is to providing fans, not only native English speakers, but from most of the Western World (I, myself, from Mexico).

    Thank you Amaterasu, where do I find the Donate button?

  44. We have no donate button at this time because we are pirating scum looking to avoid the bright shining light of corporate Japan and the the moral high ground they would have if we allowed currency to become relevant to our activities.

  45. Dang, and I’d have been honored to at least buy all you guys a sandwich.

  46. just stoppin by to comment on ur awesomeness; henceforth:

    Guys, you are simply AWESOME!!!

  47. As the person who has likely dealt with the most frustrating eroge companies and company presidents, I feel for you guys. Frustrating, but maybe something will improve in the future.

  48. I definitely hope it does. And thanks.

  49. A profile, huh… Can’t say I enjoyed that one particularly much. It’s not bad, by any means, just not particularly noteworthy; except for having one of the most unsettling heroine routes that I’ve ever read in an eroge, though I admittedly mostly stick to vanilla stuff (thought A profile was just that when I started reading it).

  50. Wow. I had begun to worry about whether you guys were still around after the half year of complete silence. I’m extremely happy to see that my fears were completely unnecessary. Amazing work, as always, Ixrec.

    Now, I wonder how long until /jp/ catches wind of this. Hah..

  51. Reading shikkoku no sharnoth now, superb work.
    And the use of british terms like Bloke, instead of guy really made a difference.
    It is about London after all.

    in short.


  52. When Amaterasu announced that they were interested in an official release, I had come to believe that they were people who respected the rights of the original creators. Sadly, I was mistaken.

    This is a victory for piracy.

    Sad times indeed when the rights of the original creators are trampled over like its nothing.

  53. So you say, but at the same time, it’s those creators’ fault too for not giving a shit about it.

  54. I’d also like to point out that visual novel translation patches – unlike scanlations, fansubs and light novel translations – don’t replace the original product, but actually require it to be used. Therefore, you can use a translation patch without pirating the game.

    So a victory for piracy? Nope. Whether people pirate the game or not is nothing to do with us. A victory for tlers who don’t get proper permission to translate the creator’s work? Sure. But if every single person who downloaded our patches also imported the game, then the original creators would make far, far more money than they ever would out of Mangagamer.

  55. Well, good like on your future endeavor. Must be a relief breaking out the message publicly… you know.. as in letting people know that you are back in control – again.

  56. Without discussing the merits of if Ixrec releasing this patch, there is one point I’d like to address. Something I have seen come up a lot this past week is that this is bad for the English visual novel community, or bad for the visual novel industry, but I have to ask, what exactly does that mean? If one defines “good for the community and industry” as maximizing the number of games to be released officially at any cost while minimizing the amount of fan translations released , then yes, this is probably bad. However, is MangaGamer getting every title they can get good for the community? Lets start by looking at accomplishing good for the community solely from the industry side.

    MangaGamer has some serious problems right now, and it is unlikely that there exists any visual novel in Japan that they could get that would fix them (even Key). They have released a number of the highest profile titles during the past couple years, with Shuffle, Higurashi, Koihime and numerous others. However, thus far, they have seen at best, slow growth from next to nothing. Until this is remedied however, there is little for the community to gain by a new company signing with MangaGamer. As an Example, it sounds like Kara no Shoujo has sold relatively poorly, despite being a high profile game. From Innocent Grey’s view, this most likely shows that there is little to be gained by investing more into the English market. What is the final result for the community? We get one high profile translation, and nothing more. On the other hand, lets look at Jast, they released thus far one NitroPlus title. Obviously it did well, because Jast has since given them effectively half their catalog. While it’s true many of these were fan translations (completed or not), the net result for the community looks like with time, we will get a significant chunk of NitroPlus’s library.

    It is obvious which is preferable from an industry standpoint. Because eroge is hurting in Japan, more and more company’s will be trying their own release in English. For MangaGamer to get a title and it to be a good gain for the community however, they need to get to the point where they can sell enough to give a good impression to the Japanese company, as our preferable end game is to be in a position where a deal means we get many, if not all, of the good games from a company with time, not just a trial game, and then leave it at that.

    But ignoring the industry stuff, being good for individuals in the community generally means not “most official releases and fewest fan translations”. A better definition for individuals in this community is probably “whichever process which translates the largest number of titles that we want to play with the best translation possible.” To address the translation issue first, official translations are not necessary better than unofficial translations, and unofficial translations can at times add things official translations can’t. Regardless though, the standardize process official translations can give can prevent things such as Flyable Hearts, which in some ways favors more official translations.

    As to quantity, any deal which with time translates much of one company’s library is probably the best case scenario for the community when looking to get stuff translated. With NitroPlus, we aren’t hoping someone in the fan translation community picks up most of their titles any more, we are just waiting for Jast to release them. The same can be said with stronger meaning about Overdrive, if Overdrive releases a game, we will get it, which is the absolute best for the community. On the other hand, a deal which discourages more translations is harmful to the community with the above definition. If we have problems getting more titles from Innocent Grey, or there was a LiarSoft deal which let 1-2 titles come through before Liarsoft decided against more, this does not help the community, and this means that these companies become reluctant to release any more with anyone, not just MangaGamer or to try and set up an English company on their own, something that would take years to remedy, if ever.

    As to Quality, while successful deals with the best quality companies would be the ideal, this doesn’t look like it will happen. This means for the best stuff, often times fan translations help the community get the best quality stuff, and therefore the best for the community with the above definition. Muv Luv Alternative, Stein’s Gate, and Yuno are considered to among the absolute best that Japan has to offer, and because of fan translations we should get them this year. All three would have problems getting official translations, which means for this, fan translations for these titles is good for the community because official deals won’t take care of these. We have also got the best from company’s such as Type Moon and Akabeisoft2, which has helped get a better community. If the fan translation process is more likely to get the best games translated than the official process, then it is good for the community for those best titles to get translated, when looking at “good for the community” being as defined above.

  57. Worth noting that NNL put up a response over the weekend, seems they had a better experience thanks to minori being awesome.

  58. Thanks, just read it. Good to know someone is having a far more positive experience with MG and licensing.

    But wow that is the exact opposite of what happened to us in every single way. It’s kind of baffling.

  59. Wow, this sure was a great announcement to come home to. Sharnoth is my favorite WAB game without a doubt (we’ll see if that changes once I finish Sona-Nyl, but it’s got a tough act to follow), so this was like Christmas come early.

    And as much as I feel like groups don’t owe fans an explanation about delays, progress, licensing foofaraw, and so on – especially not with some fans acting so entitled about it – I appreciate you laying things out this way. Pity it didn’t work out; I’d have gladly bought some official Liar-Soft English releases, just as I bought Kara no Shojo and pray that a.) there will be future MG/InnoGrey releases, and that b.) MG will get their act together and do it right next time.

    Unfortunately I think I may count as a “total flake” (or too much of one to be able to match the fast pace of the projects you guys do), so I won’t volunteer this round in light of all the qualified people you seem to have found. However, feel free to contact me about TL check, English editing or QC if you should ever find yourselves shorthanded again.

  60. I would like to build a little on the point made in the first post about groups not owing fans explanations. I would like to take that a step further and say groups should not even provide fans with the completed patch. Rather the completed patch should stay within a close circle, trusted by the group who can prove they own the game. Obviously given the leak months ago it is difficult to know who to trust which is why a patch release should be limited as much as possible.

    Of course, once the patch is completed groups should provide screenshots of the final product so fans can see a glimpse of what the will be missing.

  61. It would not be worth spending years of my life translating VNs if only the handful of people I personally know and trust would ever get to read them (especially since most of them are either unwilling or unable to pay the absurd prices VNs go for in Japan).

    That, and the leak came from someone I trusted at the time, so there’s no reason to believe any closed circle mindset would provide actual safety. And it’s currently impossible to make a practical system of verifying legal purchases. And of course, publicly revealing the existence of such a patch without releasing it is nothing but pure evil unless it’s possible for anyone to buy the game at a reasonable price and subsequently receive a patch.

  62. @_____ Are you trolling? Give the completed patch to only the people that can prove that they have the game, while teasing everyone else? Sounds awfully like the NNL debacle (“break the support disc!”) that happened a few years back.

  63. Wow, I had no idea Muv-luv Alternative was such an excellent game. Thank you so much Amaterasu Translations for taking the time translate the VN. Do yall have a donation button anywhere?

  64. We do not.

    None of what we do requires money anyway.

    Though if you have enough money to import the games we tl’d then that would be quite nice.

  65. @SilverBeta
    Insert songs:
    Vocal: Hironobu Kageyama
    Lyrics/ Music: Hironobu Kageyama
    Arrangement: Keiichi Sudo

    As I held my knees without moving, my heart watched the darkness

    Ah, If I had wings of time
    I wonder where I would go …
    Ah, back to the time when I was helpless
    and was always so afraid of being hurt

    Between the tears and disappointments, I realized
    If I can’t avoid my destiny, I’ll overcome it
    Keep my way

    I will try to find my promised days, I’ll waver no longer
    I’ll start moving towards the limitless future

    Even now, I can still hear her voice
    I’ll carve the wish she gave to me into my heart

    Within the ruins of the collapsed city
    A small light of courage is slowly beginning to sprout

    The tears we shed will become a river
    And one day it will surely wash away all the darkness
    No more cry!

    I will try to find my promised days, I won’t be afraid
    I’ll take back the pride that I lost

    We won’t lose, and we won’t give up
    As long as we embrace the ideal called freedom

    I will try to find my promised days, I’ll waver no longer
    I’ll start moving towards the limitless future

    Even now, I can still hear her voice
    I’ll carve the wish she gave to me into my heart


    Carry On
    Vocal: Masaaki Endou
    Lyrics: Hironobu Kageyama
    Music/Arrangement: Yohgo Kohno

    Dry your tears, smile for me
    And see me off with a light joke
    Now I turn my back on the morning glare
    And head to the battlefield where Death beckons
    And I won’t hesistate for anything

    People may murmur “The world is finished”
    But I won’t accept such words of defeat
    Nobody knows how the final roll of the dice will turn out
    That’s right, nobody knows the future
    I want to protect your precious future and dream
    With my own hands

    Carry on my way! Even if I have to offer my life
    Carry on my way! I swear I will never let go
    Of this world’s deepest tenderness
    Carry on my way! Carry on my world!
    Trapped within despair, I’ll aim
    For that single shining ray of hope
    Try again … Try again …

    Will that tomorrow ever come again
    When I can nestle up to you and hear your heartbeat as I sleep?
    Trapped in a war with no end in sight, I realized
    That’s right, forever & ever
    I want to hold love in these arms once more
    A love so strong it will never disappear again

    Carry on my way! Even if my body is ruined
    Carry on my way! My soul will never surrender
    I swear I will never give up
    Carry on my way! Carry on my world!
    Carry on my way! Carry on my world!
    Within the darkness, I’ll become a light that can’t be extinguished
    And I’ll shine down upon you
    Forever … Forever …

    Maybe put these in a text file and add to the patch.

  66. Glad to see that MLA to its completion. Great job Ixrec and the rest of his staff. Although the whole licensing part did not work as intended, at least he gave the chance for the fans to enjoy one of Japan’s popular visual novels. Thanks again for your hard work.

  67. After Forest there will be some new project, and since other guys are suggesting something for translation, thought I’ll also suggest a couple of titles.
    First one, it is the game I want translated really for a long time. It’s a Paradise Lost, by light. Not very famous game, but it is really epic and charming in some way.
    Second is the Dies Irae, again by light. Not sure if it has some degree of epic and grasping atmosphere, but neverless, very good game.
    And last is the Kajiri Kamui Kagura, once more again by light. It was released about a week ago, and although I have not played it yet, I sure, that it have the same epic story and atmosphere.

    I would be glad if Irxec played them, and consider them for translation, if he feels like it. Maybe for some future projects.

    Anyway, great work you’re doing, guys. You’re awesome! )

  68. Wow!, To think you guys actually released a full patch to Muv Luv Alternative before 2012, You guys just made my last years here on this world worth living!, now i can die happy in 2012.

    Oh wait!……DAM!, not yet!, I must first finish that New Muv Luv Alternative Fan Fic novel i’ve been reading lately.

    Hey Ixrec, mind doing a review for that?
    it might be good to kill some time with it.
    Muv Luv : One Last Time into the Loop

  69. By the way!, even nor things didn’t go to well with the legalizations, you guys still made a lot of muv luv fans very happy!
    So as thanks here is a video to make you laugh for at least a minute.

    Thanks for your hard work guys!
    Hope you could do the other fan disk for muv luv.

  70. Does the Shikkoku no Sharnoth patch work on the Steampunk Engine box version?

  71. If you’re referring to the Full Voice Reborn versions, we haven’t looked into that yet. I would assume it doesn’t.

    *edit* Just got confirmation that the FVR versions have different formatting and some changes to the actual scripts, so our original patches almost certainly do not work on them.

  72. Yeah, I was referring to them. Damn, that’s sad. Lol. Thanks for the reply

  73. Just wanted to tell you that you’re awesome!! Also I had a couple questions, hope I’m not annoying you too much =). You said “age had instead offered MG the option of licensing Kimi ga Nozomu Eien”… do you know if MG decided to translate Kimi da Nozomu Eien? Also you said “yes, if Mangagamer can get us scripts for Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, we will translate that.”, have they approached you yet about this? Sorry to resurrect an old thread, I was just curious because I’m very interested in Kimi da Nozomu Eien being translated. Thanks for your time and your wonderful work on all your translation projects!!

  74. Welcome. As far as we know, absolutely nothing has happened regarding KGNE since I wrote that post, so “no” to both of your questions.

    Also, for me the only annoying questions are 1) questions I’ve answered publicly at least twice before and 2) questions of the form “Will you translate X?”.

  75. Thanks for Shikkoku no Sharnoth translations :))

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    really really nice paragraph on building up new blog.

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