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Rewrite Review

First of all, the title is NOT a reference to any sort of time loop. Don't choose to read or not read this game based on that misconception.

So, we have the writer of Higurashi/Umineko and the writer of Cross Channel/Saihate teaming up with Key in an attempt to make some kind of epic plot on top of their usual slice of life and comedy stuff. Everyone with half a brain should at least be curious to see how this turned out. And the short answer is: for the most part it succeeds, but it's no masterpiece.

The common route is the usual marathon of slice of life and comedy that everyone should be expecting from Key. Also as usual, it is quite good. Most of the comedy is amusing, some of it is hilarious, and the Mappie system gives you a plethora of silly little choices and secrets to kill time with. Overall it was enjoyable enough I went back to find more stuff after finishing.

Then we have the serious plot in the five character routes and two true routes. It's full of well-executed shonen action and nakige tragedy tropes, and is very ambitious in scope (half the routes literally involve the world ending). Thankfully, every character route adds a great deal to the setting, no two of them ever overlap more than they should, and the characters' personal stories are in fact interesting. The metaplot in the true routes also has plenty of depth to it, and does a great job of delivering a satisfying and conclusive ending which ties together all of the previous routes. Although a number of things were left unexplained, none of them were important or unguessable enough to bother me.

The problem with Rewrite is that there just weren't many scenes or events which truly impressed me. And for every one that did, there was also a scene earlier in the game which dragged on too long or outright bored me. It's hard to explain why, but I think the best way to put it is: there was definitely enough detail in the game to fill up the time in which I played it, but not much more than that.

Score: 8.5/10

Polarization: (+1/-1)

This pretty much comes down to your personal taste for the aforementioned action tropes and tragedy tropes. If they don't bother you at all, the game will feel more original and complex than it did for me. But even if you're sick of them, everything else about the game is good so it shouldn't be too hard to put up with it.

Routes/Endings Played: All 7 routes, all bad endings, and the oppai ending.

See this post for my opinion of the fandisc.

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  1. Ehhhh, I don’t think you should really stress the shounen trope thing so much. Chihaya’s route is the only one with more than like one or two battles and overall the game never really heads in that direction except maybe the end of Moon.

    I would say that enjoying Rewrite hinges on the reader’s ability to overlook/adapt to the massive shifts in mood and quality throughout the game. The common route, character routes, and Moon/Terra might as well all be entirely different games – not to mention that only two of the character routes (Lucia and Akane) are any good at all. Patience is also a virtue when dealing with this game, as one needs to slog through something like 80000 lines of what ranges from slightly above average to absolute drek in order to reach anything genuinely inventive and well-written (Moon and Terra, in this case).

    Of course, Moon and Terra are both very good, so one will be rewarded for actually making it to them, but… Reading through all of the character routes really got to be a pain for me at several points and I think people who have less of a tolerance for boring stuff than me will find it easy to drop the game before completing all of them. Hell, the common route itself could be absolute torment for anyone who doesn’t like the humor – personally, I enjoyed it, but I still can’t help but think that it went on for way too long without really much of a purpose at times.

    Hell, in general the game is just too long and has too many random things jammed into it. There’s a lot of foreshadowing on the common route, for instance, that I had simply forgotten about by the time I reached what it was foreshadowing! They really needed to trim all of the fat from this game; I really must wonder if the final length of the game was given the green light by Key or by Romeo. (Rhetorical, it was very likely the former.)

    Well, if you can somehow enjoy all of the character routes, I guess your opinion will differ, but if not, be aware that this game requires a huge investment of time and doesn’t pay off for quite a while.

    (Note that I ended up giving Rewrite the same score as Ixrec, except my score is based pretty much solely on Moon/Terra, with points deducted for the rest of the game…)

  2. As expected from Ixrec-sama, great review, I agree in 100% with You. Don’t listen to moogy, he’s stupid and doesn’t understand the true greatness of your review, You’re the one who’s right.

  3. Short response to Moogy: I simply do not think there are massive shifts in mood and quality. Rather, there are significant shifts between routes, but also a slow gradual shift over the course of the entire game. Seeing those shifts as flaws, to me, just doesn’t make any sense. I think the reason some people see bigger shifts than I do (big enough to actually be flaws) is because they hate the reliance on shonen tropes in the character routes, which I’ve seen many people violently knee-jerk to in the past. And for the record, I definitely agree that the game needs to be trimmed, but I think it’d be a very small trim.

    Warning to everyone: Please do not try to drag this convo out for no good reason. I know you want to.

  4. I think it would be a good idea for people to stop using meaningless terms like ‘masterpiece’ when so very few things could ever qualify as such anyway.

    Furthermore, I don’t think it’s exactly fair of you to condemn Rewrite for having scenes that ‘drag on too long’ when MLA, which you scored an entire point higher, is extremely guilty of that.

    It’s pretty clear with your recent reviews that you’re trying to be more critical and while I respect that, I also think that you should go back and redo some of your older reviews that most likely received high scores based solely on your being unfamiliar with the medium at the time.

  5. 1) When I said masterpiece in this post I meant games in the 9.5-10 range, so it was pretty meaningful.

    2) Two games sharing a flaw in common does not mean they deserve the exact same score. Such a claim is completely ignoring all the other pros and cons of the two games. In this case, MLA simply has more going for it than Rewrite (e.g., far more detailed setting and more epic presentation) before you even get to comparing flaws.

    Also, I believe you made this exact same mistake in a previous comment. Try to work on that.

    3) I’m pretty sure that’s because I deliberately read the best VNs possible when I was just starting out, and not because I’ve become more critical over time. Not that anyone can prove it one way or the other.

  6. except alternative fucking owns and any flaws it has are meaningless when compared to the amount of ownage it possesses

    also i don’t really remember any scenes going on for too long in rewrite in the first place

  7. Bawwwwww~~~~ I want to read it, but unfortunately, I’m no good at Japanese :(

  8. so,what is the Oppai ending about?it got me curious…

  9. Roughly speaking, the world is saved by mankind’s love for boobs. It was quite hilarious.

  10. LOL, though it’s not something I’d like.

  11. well, for my opinion, i have already thought to myself that Rewrite is already a very good choice to choose as in terms of game adaptation and manga adaptation. Well, it does seems like the relationship scenes in the game doesn’t last long which they mainly concentrate on battling scenes more often. Its already good enough and i’m statisfied with that. I cant wait to read Rewrite visual novel translate by u guys soon ^^ anyway, another annoucement about their next Rewrite game release will be held on July 2012.

  12. What do you mean “game adaptation”? It’s already a VN.

  13. I think he meant a fighting game or something of that type.
    well it might be somewhat good.

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