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Welcome + Rules (Please read before posting)


Hi there, and welcome to the Winter Confetti subforum. From now on, all blog comments and general inquiries about the AIR project will go here.

You can access the Winter Confetti blog here:

Here are some rules I want you guys to follow. I'm not hugely strict, so I won't ban people if you break one by accident or anything (all bans apply to the whole forum btw, so please be careful). Just remember to chill out and be a nice person.

* Troll comments will be deleted or mocked. You’re more than welcome to disagree or correct people on something, but if you can’t do it without being a jerk, then no-one’s going to take you seriously, least of all me. This rule applies to other moderators too.
* Similarly, don’t feed the trolls or pick fights with other users. Leave any beef you have with other users at the door.
* No bigotry, obviously.
* You can discuss downloads, but please don’t ask for or link to any, or discourage anyone from buying the original game. Support the creators whenever possible.
* Please don’t discuss pre-installed copies (this includes helping users who can’t get them to work). If you want to use them, please discuss them or ask for help on other sites. This is a site-wide rule sorry.
* No "Which English patch is better" threads.See you around~


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