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Download the patch here:

This is the error report thread. If you spot any typos, mistakes, or can’t get the game to work, post here and we’ll do what we can.

Before reporting a technical problem, please check the following:

* That you have installed the most up-to-date version of the patch on a clean installation.
* That your copy of AIR is the right edition. This patch only works for the 2005 Standard Edition.
* That you’re using our patch. We can’t do anything to fix errors in other people’s patches.
* That you are in Japanese locale. Applocale isn’t enough. If you don't know how to put your computer into Japanese locale, then please read this handy guide: cannot help you with pre-installed copies. If you insist on using one, then please ask the site you got it from for help. Installing the game and patch normally will probably solve your problem anyway.

This game is in British English, so keep that in mind before reporting any typos!

Known issues:

* All saves made on a choice actually save on the line just before the choice. This is to prevent a crash.
* The ‘Return to Previous Choice’ option doesn’t work, again to prevent a crash.
* The credits at the end of the Air arc are left in Japanese. We have no plans to translate them, as the credits in Dream are already in English.The game is not voiced. Our patch is compatible with the unofficial voice patch though. See the blog post or readme on how to get it. (Note that some illegal copies of the game come with the unofficial voice patch already included). While we did what we could to fix any voice errors we encountered, the voice patch wasn’t made by us so there’s only so much we can do.

The voices were taken from a console port of the game, so if a line (or whole scene) randomly has no voices, that’ll be because they were cut out of that version. A few voiced lines are also slightly different to what the original text says because they got rewritten. And obviously, the voices all say 'Yukito', so if you want to use the name change feature you should probably stick to playing it unvoiced.

I think that’s everything! Ask away!


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just deserts: nothing but deserts.


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@Dan fixed!
Mmm delicious deserts...

Actually, 'deserts' is correct:


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