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Frequently Asked Questions
Last Updated: July 21, 2015
If there's a question you think should be updated or added to this list, feel free to tell me.

Q: Will the next patch include __?

Q: How long have you been translating?

Q: What VNs have you read?

Q: Will you translate __? or What will you translate next?

Q: What version/edition of __ did you translate/will you be translating?

Q: How long will it take you to translate or finish translating __?

Q: How can I help?

Q: How do I contact you directly?

Q: Who's currently working for Amaterasu? or Who worked on __?

Q: Can I donate?

Q: What are your stances on political issues like officially licensing VNs, trying to legally buy VNs and how to respond to C&Ds?

Q: Why did you read/are you reading [insert terrible VN]? or Why have you still not read [insert amazing VN]?

Q: Can I see the script files for a VN you translated?

Q: Can I use some of your translated scripts and tools to start a Spanish/French/Italian/etc translation project?

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