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  This webnovel includes several connections to Souten no Celenaria and Hikari no Valusia (as well as a few to Sekien no Inganock and Shi'ei no Sona-Nyl).  Since I will probably never translate Celenaria, and I won't be translating Valusia or Sona-Nyl for some time, I'll include a little bit of crossover information here to make it up to the English-speaking WAB fans.
  Most of the webnovel takes place in the Lakeside City of Serranian, and significant parts take place in the Central Northern Imperial Capital.  Both of these locations were important in Souten no Celenaria.  This is what the Capital looked like, and this is what Serranian looked like.
  The following are also from Souten no Celenaria: Neher Sazan, Mathias Non Dieu, mobile fortresses and the Ulumensh (both pictured here).  The Ulumensh was the protagonists' airship.
  The following are from Hikari no Valusia: the sOmnipotentt man (his name is Leo), Liza (the woman Leo mentions once), the Desert City (which is where most of Valusia takes place), and Xerxes Serula Breet (the main heroine of Valusia).
  Finally, every line which mentions New York is referring to something from Sona-Nyl.  To help some of these lines make sense, you should know that part of Sona-Nyl takes place in the past (before even Inganock).

This webnovel is written based on the assumption that you have already played the game. Since it contains spoilers, we highly recommend you play the game first.
On the second-to-last page of Part 3, music and voices will be played along with the picture. Text for this section will be provided below the illustration. Please continue reading while listening to the sound file.
For the sound file to play automatically, you need to have the Flash plugin installed in your browser.

[shikkoku no sharnoth -what a beautiful tomorrow-] Liar-soft 24th by Hikaru Sakurai / Akira.

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